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Three Nonverbal Communication Skills

Dressing like a professional will give off the right message while dressing like a slob will not. Here are three tips to help you communicate better as an individual.

1.) Eye contact, facial expressions, posture and gestures send silent messages to the person you are talking to.
2.) Time, space and territory send silent messages to the person or persons you are talking to as well.
3.) Appearance will also send silent messages to the people you are talking to.


Did Chad Johnson Tweets Lead Up To His Domestic Abuse Case?

Miami Dolphins football player Chad Johnson released a statement on his website concerning the domestic abuse incident with new wife Evelyn Lozada. His statement reads as follows – “I would like to apologize to everyone for the recent events that have occurred. I would like to wish Evelyn well and will never say anything bad about her because I truly love her to death.”

@Ochocinco twitter feed has been unusually quite for the past few days. During the events leading up to the domestic abuse case some of the tweets between Chad and his new wife Evelyn may have suggested something was out of whack in their relationship.

One tweet read “1st married fight with Eve, didn’t tell @EvelynLozada I was going to KOD but she saw a @rickyrozay tweet with my name in it 4 coming #busted.” Although the tweet may not have meant to have been very serious in nature – it did hint the two were going through a difficult time as a new couple.


How To Sound Convincing

The art of speaking in public is a tough task to perfect. You think it would be easier to simply walk in front of a large crowd of people, memorize the speech you have wrote down and practiced for weeks upon weeks than recite it to a large group of people.

But if you have been in this position before – you know your nerves will ultimately get the better of you.

“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause. ~ Mark Twain

Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes – never stop midway through a speech on account of being scared, anxious or nervous of what people may think. Stand with poise and confidence – your audience will never have a clue if you are off on your speech; only you will know.

“Grasp the subject, the words will follow.”

If you understand what it is you want to talk about before you go on stage than you will notice everything you say is relevant. You must know the subject like the back of your hand if you expect your speech to go well.

“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”

Practice makes perfect but even perfect has room for improvement. Go up and give it your all and you will never be disappointed with a one hundred percent effort.

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”

In every public speech is is important to speak from the heart and speak with passion. Steve Jobs is an excellent example of man who spoke beyond his years.

While in his mid thirties, Steve used to speak with the wisdom of a fifty year old man; yet with the passion of a twenty year old kid.

Remember this saying? – “When Steve Jobs Speaks People Do Listen.”


The Adventure Is Your Compensation

How does one make themselves out to be a success? Is it by simply giving back to the world?

Giving back is the most selfless thing you will ever do in life. Morally, giving back is the right thing to do, giving back shows character and it separates your from the selfish.

No matter how much money you make, how powerful you are or what position your job title puts you in – none of it compares to the bigger picture of a more productive atmosphere. What is important is to leave this world as better place as when your first came into it.

What is most important is to challenge yourself, make a difference on the lives of others, influence people in a positive manner. As you continue your journey of self discovery, find out what is most important to you.

Once you find what is most important to you, elevate your understanding of life to new heights. This means take yourself one step further, never be satisfied with mediocrity and always ask for more.

In the words of Steve Jobs “Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish.”

Relationship Building Should Not Be A Chore

Some professionals will view relationship building as a type of choir you are forced to do but with an attitude like this you will likely foster fake friends and meaningless connections. When you do something with someone it is almost always more fun than doing it on your own, right?

You should think of relationship building in the same type of context. It should be a thrill to meet someone new and build a relationship which has the potential to stand the test of time.

Once you find building on your relationships a task, one which you need to get done, you may find yourself a bit insane. Your friends will turn out to be your enemies and your allies will switch teams.

Does this paint an ugly enough picture for you?

This is not an attempt to scare you but rather warn you of future mistakes. Plan accordingly and you will have nothing to worry about!


Personal & Professional Relationship Building

This is a post written by a staff member at http://www.SoshITech.com which is noted by the logo on the far left. SoshITech is dedicated to bringing readers the most intrinsic material on the web, whether it be career tips, Search Engine Optimization advice, Entrepreneurial Studies or social media news. Enjoy!

Relationship building is tricky but not if you have the proper tools and advice to handle it effectively. In our lifetime we will experience two types of relationships – one on a personal level and one on a professional level.

A personal relationship will consist of your group of friends from high school or the people you chat with on Facebook to catch up on old times and sift through old photographs with. These are the people who have always been there for you, the people who you share your values with and will talk to about anything.

A profesional relationship will be the people you know in a work environment. These people may not know everything about you but you do choose to share certain information with them to strengthen your morals and obligations in life.

In the long run you will want to network with as many professionals as possible. Your personal network of friends will stay small for your entire life but your list of professional contacts will seem to be endless.

To separate the two is a valuable skill which all people, including you, posses. The ability to put these groups into context without damaging the social aspect of your professional network will push you onto bigger and better things down the road.


What Should You Do When You Are Unsure What To Do?

This is a post written by a staff member at http://www.SoshITech.com which is noted by the logo on the far left. SoshITech is dedicated to bringing readers the most intrinsic material on the web, whether it be career tips, Search Engine Optimization advice, Entrepreneurial Studies or social media news. Enjoy!

Uncertainty is the fear of failing and if your are like a majority of people in the world, this fear will never go away. How is it some people walk around with such a positive stride of absolute certainty and everything is going to be just fine – while others walk around what seems to be in a constant state of panic or paranoia.

Most likely this confidence comes from one simple entrepreneurial strategy. This strategic idea is based on one motive in your life set in stone, one which will never fail, a plan you are certain is your ultimate safety net.

In a worst case scenario, you will have two plans set up )Pan A & Plan B.) Perhaps you see both of these plans fall deep under water and you are left with nothing but disgust. You have no idea where to turn or what to do but you calm yourself down, take few deep breaths and realize failure (being homeless, jobless, bankrupt etc.) will never be an option.

You remember your safety net is still strong in tact and even if the worst were to happen, you see it is not as bad as what could have been. For many college students, a safety net may be moving back home with your parents, finding a job and continue on with your life.

Your safety net should never be an endpoint but rather a new beginning. This should give you time to regroup and look at what is important as you continue on down the path to success.


Set Aside Time To Develop Your Skills

This is a post written by a staff member at http://www.SoshITech.com which is noted by the logo on the far left. SoshITech is dedicated to bringing readers the most intrinsic material on the web, whether it be career tips, Search Engine Optimization advice, Entrepreneurial Studies or social media news. Enjoy!

As an entrepreneur you are probably good at numerous things but find a large amount of your focus constantly directed toward one BIG idea.


Rather than focus on one idea, spend time to develop a different skill during your off time. To have a second skill in your back pocket is a vital way to build your personal relationships and strengthen your person to person relationship.

Once people realize you, as a smart, well sought after entrepreneur have a variety of strong qualities to bring to the table; who or what will stop you from ultimately achieving all the goals you have set out to accomplish?

If you have a relationship you would like to get back on track or a business deal you desperately need to close be sure to set aside the right amount of time to do these things. Simply talk to people and you will see a handful of opportunities you would have never been able to imagine simply on your own.


Once Upon A Time

This article was written by Kristin DelMuto. She is currently a senior at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts. In May 2012 she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Kristin is very eager to get started in the world. She has always known she would want to be working in the Entertainment industry. She would love to pursue a career in Entertainment and move to Los Angeles, California or New York City. In the past, Kristin has been an intern at Picture This Television, a small production company based in New York City. Currently, she is an intern for Boston’s Hit Music Radio Station, Kiss 108 FM. While she is very open to what field in Entertainment she would like to focus on, the music industry is a number one goal of hers. She does have a little bit of musical background and skills, but since she has not focused on it all of her life she would like to get into the management or publicity part of the industry. She also has experience in film production and broadcasting from school and her internships. If you’d like to follow her on Twitter, her username is @kristindelmuto, where she often tweets about her favorite musical artists and entertainers. She also tweet frequently about her day-to-day experiences at her internship and life in general. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Are you ready to learn about a new band that is ever ready to break into the business and be the next big thing? Well here you are, I’ve got Once Upon A Time for you!
If you haven’t heard of the band yet, Once Upon A Time is a six-piece pop/rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.

Last Spring (practically only a year ago) was when Once Upon A Time started. It all began when lead singer Andrew Long posted some song ideas on Facebook. After receiving positive feedback, he decided to take things to the next level and take a chance with his music. Long managed to book some studio time for the coming summer with producer Jamie Woolford (Hit The Lights, Gin Blossoms.) During his months leading up to his studio time, Andrew was working 45 hours a week as a minimum-wage movie theatre cashier. He cashed his final paycheck the day before he entered the studio, ready for the long journey and work that lay ahead of him.
Aside from working in the studio with Woolford, Andrew also worked with producer Matt Grave (The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon) to mix the album he was working on, and sent it to UE Nastasi (Cobra Starship, The Summer Set) to be mastered. Long decided he wanted to become part of a band, so he auditioned countless guitarists, pianists, bassists and drummers. Although this started as a solo project, it quickly became a full band that now consists of guitarists Jamie DiCarlo and Keaton Leander, pianist Mark Miller, bassist Bryan Wong and drummer Nate Ray to complete the energetic, pop-rock set.
Once Upon A Time released their first 3-track album on February 14, titled ‘Open Your Eyes.’ Open Your Eyes consists of Forever and Ever, Open Your Eyes and What I Am Looking For. The band has also done covers of Hey Juliet by LMNT, Story Of A Girl by Nine Days and Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha at various performances. They have also had the opportunity of opening for the extremely popular pop/rock band Allstar Weekend for their two Arizona performances on their incredible All the Way Tour. If you didn’t attend the Arizona shows on the tour but developed a liking for Hollywood Ending, The After Party, Before You Exit, or if you are an Allstar Weekend fan, I highly suggest giving Once Upon A Time a chance because you will probably develop a fandom for them too!

The band is also holding a CD release show on April 7th, 2012 at The Nile Theatre in Mesa, AZ! Check them out if you’re in the area!

Once Upon A Time is looking to make a lasting impact in the music industry. In my opinion, it looks pretty promising for the band since in nearly only a year they have managed to form a band, record a small album, open two shows on a tour and form a large following in a short period of time.

Once Upon A Time’s ‘Open Your Eyes’ is available for download on iTunes now!

You can also check them out on Facebook: Facebook.com/iamonceuponatime and follow them on Twitter: twitter.com/imonceuponatime or @imonceuponatime. They are always up for chatting with fans, so I highly suggest you check them out there!

Stay tuned for a lot more news on Once Upon A Time, for I am pleased to announce I am now their street team leader for the Massachusetts area!


FotoFix Will Make Sure You Are Looking Your Best

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