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Super Bowl Ad Mania: Let’s Stop Helping Giant Corporations Exploit Our Attention

I don’t think it’s controversial to say a culture driven by wars between almost indistinguishable sub-par beer-makers is a broken culture. Even someone very open to free markets and very unwilling to declare anything inherently “evil” or “good” would recognize soda wars aren’t real wars, and we shouldn’t invest time or energy in caring about them.

But it seems like we are easily tricked into caring about something we all know is troubling every year on Super Bowl Sunday. We’re shown these clever little bits of comedy or drama or cuteness, and we get so invested in talking about and thinking about which ones we liked, and we even tell everyone else in the room to be quiet because the commercials are on. We kind of forget that, in this crazy game of Super Bowl ads, we are not the judges or the audience. We are the prize.

We are the thing the companies are fighting for. They are competing for our attention without any concern for whether they’re helping us at all, let alone whether we deserve to be treated as human beings. We are the stereotypical “damsel in distress,” the thing the real “heroes” are fighting over. We are the gold medal. We are the object. The thing. We are not participants.

The most unsettling thing about it might be that, even if we all agree GoDaddy’s new commercial is misogynistic and stupid and kind of a waste of time, the fact that we’re talking about GoDaddy means the company still got what it wanted. The waste-of-time, inartful ad worked, so the company thinks it should keep making ads like that. Our act of talking about Super Bowl commercials as a short-film competition means we’re not only being advertised to, we’re begging to be advertised to. We’re complicit in our own exploitation.

I guess I’m not comfortable saying we shouldn’t enjoy these ads, because in fact, some of the greatest creative minds are obviously interested in making ads. It’s a kind of short film, so I wouldn’t say let’s stop enjoying it. But. I can say we should stop enjoying the spectacle of it. We should start approaching the whole thing with a little more skepticism.

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Releasing Ads Early Pays Off For Super Bowl Advertisers, According To Visible Measures

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If you’re watching the Super Bowl today, some of those brand new ads may feel awfully familiar — a growing number of them are being released online ahead of time, either in their entirety or as a partial teaser.

A spokesperson for video advertising and analytics company Visible Measures, told me that his team looked at every Super Bowl campaign since 2010 and found that more and more advertisers are following this strategy — there were 13 in 2010, 27 in 2011, 34 in 2012, and 42 in last year. (Visible Measures found 30 brands that had their ads ahead of time this year, but that was in the middle of the past week, so the final number will be higher.)

Basically, it seems that advertisers now treat the game as just part of a monthlong campaign, one where online views are increasingly important. As Tim Calkins, a professor of marketing at Northwestern University, told The New Yorker: “It is not about winning the Super Bowl but winning an entire month.”

Super Bowl ads saw a total of 370 million online views last year, Visible Measures said (measured one month after the game). And advertisers who release the ads early are the ones who win, according to the company’s data.

Visible Measures says it tracks a video’s “True Reach” across the web, including sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, and Vimeo. When the brands released their ads ahead of time, they saw significantly higher True Reach than those that didn’t — the difference peaked at 600 percent more views in 2012 before falling to 200 percent last year, presumably due to increased competition for online attention.

As one example, Visible Measures pointed to Samsung’s video “The Big Pitch,” which had already been viewed 8.7 million times by the time the Super Bowl aired, and which had a total of 33.5 million online views a month later. And this year, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad (embedded below) has already been viewed 26.7 million times — so its final viewer count is going to pretty impressive.

Ads Are Content Too

The problem isn’t we have advertisements. It’s that we aren’t doing a better job of delivering beneficial content.

Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Image overload. Ads galore. … This is why people miss the glory days of RSS (maybe the only reason).
MG Siegler, “Let It Full Bleed

Haven’t we had this conversation before? The problem with websites like TechCrunch, Facebook, Twitter, Mashable, and so on isn’t that they haven’t implemented that great unsolicited redesign yet. The visual design might be a problem in some cases, but I feel the larger problem is we’re still delivering ads the same way we did 20 years ago.

Ads are content too.

Do yourself a favor. Stop thinking of ads as some image thrown in the sidebar or header of a websites after you’ve painstakingly finished a design. Everything we place on our websites is content. We painstakingly craft the rest of our content. Why should that stop with ads we allow on our website? We need to craft more ads that are entertaining, informative, and helpful.

People don’t hate ads.

People share ads all the time. Like the Super Bowl ads every year. Or this older commercial from Old Spice. Or Chiptole’s amazing animation “The Scarecrow” from earlier this year.

People don’t hate ads. They hate irrelevant content. They hate boring content. They hate wasting their time with misguiding content, whether intentional or not. This is why the most popular Chrome extension is AdBlock, boasting over 15 million users. Users hate being misled.

Ah! I see you’re trying to guilt me into whitelisting your websites.

We’ve created this mess. Let’s start thinking of better ways we can deliver beneficial services and products to our users.

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First listen: Eminem’s ‘Berzerk’ !!! (AUDIO)

SOURCE Los Angeles Times!

Where does Eminem go after he’s already done the regal, serious comeback album?

He goes to Rick Rubin, obviously. That’s where every not-so-young-anymore MC goes for a late career lift these days, and as Eminem is looking back to his catalog on this LP, why not go all the way?

Em wears his Rubinite facelift better than most, as proved by his new single “Berzerk.” It’s a positively ’80s-ish throwback, full of sampled rock guitars and Kangol-era swagger that preceded Em by at least a decade.

Show At "Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live" Concert

Madonna Tops Forbes’ Highest-Earning Celebrity List, Is Apparently Still In ‘Vogue’ !!!! (REPORT)


Madonna topped Forbes’ Highest-Earning Celebrities list, raking in $125 million this year. As Forbes notes, Madonna’s latest studio album was decidedly a flop, and yet people are still streaming out to dance to her many No. 1 singles. The tour that accompanied the release of “MDNA” grossed $305 million, earning the Top Touring Award at the Billboard Music Awards.

The closest Madonna has ever gotten to this year’s earnings came in 2009, but even then, the Material Girl made the list with just $110 million. Beating out second-place earner Steven Spielberg by more than $25 million, the 55-year-old star’s wealth more than triples Katy Perry’s $39 million. Lady Gaga came in 10th with $80 million, so maybe it makes sense for the “Applause” singer to keep copying Madge.

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Jarvis Jones out of hospital !!! (QUICK READ)


PITTSBURGH — Steelers outside linbebacker Jarvis Jones has been released from the hospital after X-rays taken on his injured chest came back negative, the team announced Sunday afternoon.

Jones was hurt in the Steelers’ 26-20 overtime loss to the Chiefs as he was tackled after a 22-yard interception return. Jones, the team’s first-round pick in April, stayed down on the Heinz Field turf before getting up and trotting to the Steelers’ sidelines.

He was later taken out of the stadium on a stretcher, however, and taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Jones has shined during the preseason and is pushing fourth-year veteran Jason Worilds for the starting job at right outside linebacker.



Adam Scott wins the Barclays !!! (QUICK READ)

The following excerpt is from ESPN!

ERSEY CITY, N.J. — Masters champion Adam Scott didn’t think his good round was good enough Sunday at the Barclays.

His caddie had already packed his golf clubs into a travel case. He viewed his visit to the CBS Sports tower as nothing more than a courtesy. His only hope was that the other players still on the course — Tiger Woods and Justin Rose among them — might find it as difficult to close out a victory as Scott has over the years.

“I’m pretty shocked,” Scott said after his 5-under 66 gave him a one-shot win at Liberty National. “There were so many guys out there with a chance and I really didn’t think I had much of a chance. If you hang around the lead long enough, you’re going to win some, you’re going to lose some. And this one went my way.”


We Have Hype Williams To Thank For Nicki Minaj’s Paint-Covered Bikini Pic !!!! (PHOTO)


Nicki Minaj has made it very clear that she has few boundaries when it comes to her Instagram feed … or her life, we guess.

In her most recent #ThrowbackThursday, Minaj posted this photo with the caption “TBT – shot by Hype Williams.” The image is a throwback to her 2012 album, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.” Williams, known as a music video genius, photographed the album art and directed the music video for “Stupid Hoe.”


2010 Star Power Charity Event Gala

‘Bachelor’ Star, Gia Allemand, Hospitalized & In Critical Condition !!! (QUICK READ)

NEW ORLEANS — The model and reality TV star girlfriend of NBA Pelicans player Ryan Anderson has been hospitalized in New Orleans.

According to a statement from her publicist Tuesday, Gia Allemand, a former model and cast member of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad,” was taken Monday night to University Hospital following “a serious emergency medical event.”

The details of the 29-year-old’s condition were not immediately disclosed. But according to the statement, Allemand is listed in critical condition.

The statement, issued by publicists for both Allemand and Anderson, says that Allemand’s mother is with her daughter, along with Anderson.

The statement also asked “on behalf of the family” for privacy at this time. It said further statements would be released as more information becomes available.

2010 Star Power Charity Event Gala


PETA is gonna be all over Stephen Colbert!!!! (LOL)