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Pinterest To See Twelve Million Views Each Month For The Time Being

By John

Do not look now but suddenly, like out of thin air, the rise of Pinterest is upon us.

A Washington Post writer describes the new network as ‘crack for women.’ In fact, women are a target demographic of the social web network.

What Ben and his team started to see a few months ago was a rapid incline in visitors to come from all over the United States and the UK. Now Pinterest has over twelve million monthly views and shows no sign of slowing down anytime.

Pictures of anything you can imagine are being seen by millions across the new social site. Books, sport photos, technology gadgets, clothes, women, men, beer, animals; if it comes to mind, it has probably been pinned.

“I think what’s interesting is that from a strong base of women it’s starting to branch out and we haven’t seen that with a lot of other social networks,” said Interent Startup Guru Mark Evans.