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LinkedIn: How Does The Endorse Add On Work For You?

Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD +1.88) is the most sought after social media outlet for professionals to find jobs hands down. Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD +1.88) has hand selected a few job suggestions which you may find most interesting based on the interests already visible on your Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD +1.88) public profile.

Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD +1.88) has been built as a way for individuals to express their interests through online group and organizations. Like minded individuals are able to share information with one another and garner feedback from other colleagues on the subjects of their choosing.

Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD +1.88) has just recently added the endorse button to their social platform and the response has been nothing but high praise for the team of LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD +1.88). The endorse add on gives users the ability to suggest a persons skill such as HTML, Blogging or Social Networking and name them as an expert.

The Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD +1.88) endorse add on may be compared to Facebook’s ‘Like’ feature. The ‘Like’ feature on Facebook is similar to Linkedin (NYSE:LNKD +1.88) in a way that if you enjoy reading a friends post on Facebook you will hit the ‘Like’ button to let them know how you feel.

The same is now said for LinkedIn. If you see a past friend who has worked in the same field as you, perhaps you will endorse him for his ability to handle excel or Microsoft word.

Google Finance:

LinkedIn Corporation (LinkedIn) is a professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Through the Company’s platform, members are able to create, manage and share their professional identity online, build and engage with their professional network, access shared knowledge and insights, and find business opportunities. Its platform provides members with solutions, including applications and tools, to search, connect and communicate with business contacts, learn about career opportunities, join industry groups, research organizations and share information. Its members create profiles that serve as their professional profiles and are accessible by any other member, as well as anyone with an Internet connection.