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NBA: Denver Nuggets at Utah Jazz

Al Jefferson Verbally Agrees To Three Year Deal With The Charlotte Bobcats

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Utah Jazz

Al Jefferson is one of the bigger names on the free agent market this year around for the National Basketball Association. Reportedly the Charlotte Bobcats have offered Jefferson a three-year contract worth roughly forty one million dollars.

According to ESPN:

Jefferson can’t formally sign the deal until July 10, which is the first day teams and free agents can make deals official after the league’s annual moratorium is lifted.


Underrated Shooting Guard Jodie Meeks Will Be Back With The Los Angeles Lakers Next Season


The Los Angeles Lakers have decided to stick with the highly underrated shooting guard Jodie Meeks. Sacre was made an offer by General Manager Mitch Kupchak as well for just fewer than one million dollars.

According to ESPN:

The team announced it picked up guard Jodie Meeks’ $1.55 million contract option for next season and also made a qualifying offer of $989,000 to center Robert Sacre to make him a restricted free agent.


REPORTED: Mailbox Sells To Dropbox For How Much?


All Things D – All Things D – When Dropbox announced Friday that it is acquiring Mailbox, terms of the deal were not disclosed leaving the public to wonder what went down. GigaOM and TechCrunch both claim that mailbox was acquired for a price “well over” $50 million, with a large amount of stock which pushes the deal closer to one million dollars.


Social Analytics Platform BazaarVoice Teams Up With The Worlds Largest Social Commerce Network

Social Analytics platform Bazaar Vocie has bought out a privately owned social commerce competitor, Power Reviews, for just under one hundred and fifty two million dollars. The aquasition will be split into roughly thirty one million dollars in cash and the rest will be paid in over six million shares of stock.

The addition of Power Reviews will allow Bazaar Voice to jump into the small and mid sized social markets. Until now, Bazaar Voice has mainly focused a majority if not all of their attention on high level consumers.

According to a press release from Bazaar Voice “We are entering a new era where business growth is a direct result of your ability to connect with customers in the ways that are most meaningful to them. The insights derived from these conversations help leaders accelerate business growth, speed up the innovation cycle and drive brand equity through a consistent and authentic brand experience,” said Brett Hurt, founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice. “Together, our companies can create tremendous value for retailers and brands and help us to achieve our purpose of putting the voice of consumers at the center of their business. We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to work together with PowerReviews as part of the Bazaarvoice family.”


Louis C.K. Runs Another Five Dollar Special “Word: Live At Carnegie Hall”

Last time Louis C.K. sold his online comedy special to consumers over his website louisck.net for five dollars per one hour special, he received a bit more attention than he would have ever thought possible. He grossed over one million dollars in income, almost three hundred thousand of which Louis gave to a local charity.

This time around, his special is named “Word: Live At Carnegie Hall” and is available on his website for five dollars. With such large success from his last go around, he would assume the same numbers (if not better) this time as well.


Pebble Smart Watch Raises Over Eight Million Dollars In Funding From Consumers Like You

Texts, email notifications and a built in GPS all in one simple little watch. When Pebble Technology released their new smart watch Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors were not very impressed, to say the least.

However, within the first twenty eight hours the Pebble Watch raised over one million dollars in funding from, well, who else, but you the consumer. Thanks to the world largest investment platform, KickStarter Pebble Technology now see’s itself as the largest competitor in smart watch technology for the Android and iPhone.

The companies goal was just one hundred thousand dollars and has now received well over eight million dollars. Forbes has this to say about the new smart watch “Proven track record…Incredibly useful product.”


ThinkNear Targets Mobile Ads Within One Hundred Meters Of Any Location

ThinkNear is an independent company, which strives to help you target single mobile advertisements to consumers at explicit locations. ThinkNear has access to over one billion mobile intuitions and a one of a kind location technology.

They make it a priority for your message to reach customers ready to buy exactly what you want to sell, right when you want to sell it. The company has raised more than one million dollars in funding from IA Ventures, Google Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures and Metamorphic Ventures.

ThinkNear has been featured in social media news website such as: TechCrunch, Gigaom, SoshITech, BusinessInsider, Mashable and BNet.

According to a post form TechCrunch:

“ThinkNear is platform-agnostic and takes advantage of cheap mobile ads on apps whose fill rates hover around 30 percent. It can deliver discount offers in the form of banner ads inside apps, push notifications, or even text messages, depending on the app. If they pull this off, this could become a substantial ad network. Here’s a video explaining the concept.”


Is FloType Inc. The Silicon Valley Startup To Watch For?

FloType Inc is one company we will all want to see grow in the future. Last year, their team of three UC Berkley dropouts landed over one million dollars in funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

According to their companies page, the startup “bridge enables real-time communication between any server, any device, on any platform, abstracting away the complexity of massive scale real-time applications.”

The company was founded in two thousand ten by Darshan Shankar, Sridatta Thatipamala and Eric Zhang. They received an early investment of twenty thousand dollars to build large scale, real time web applications.

Since then the company has raised close to $1.4 million dollars in seed funding. A number of different large-scale businesses are using the newly stated applications but the companies refuse to be named.

Investors include: Karl Jacob, Marcy Simon, Peter Secor, Zack Bogue, Salesforce.com and InterWest partners. Flotype was recently named in silicon valleys top twenty startups of the year.


Klout Is Once Again Moving Forward After A Short Hiatus

Klout, the standard to measure your online influence, seems to be moving forward after keeping quit for quite a few months after privacy concerns became a hit topic with the network. Klout has recently announced the addition of BlockBoard to allow users to build ‘strong communities through technology.’

According to a blog post from Klout:

“To keep driving toward our mission of unlocking every user’s influence, we need to make Klout useful and accessible wherever they are – whether they’re at home or on the go. Blockboard has built an amazing local-mobile app that connects neighbors to build stronger communities through technology. You may have seen it featured in Techcrunch or AllThingsD. This simple, well-designed tool gives people a way to communicate with their neighbors about everything from local news and tips to lost pets and broken streetlights.

With their experience, Blockboard brings an awareness of how social media can be meaningfully woven into the fabric of a local community, as well as a killer mobile app development team. Integrating the Blockboard team, technology and expertise is a significant investment into enriching the local and mobile experience for our passionate users, and will be an incredible boost for all of us.

Blockboard’s entire staff is joining Klout, and we can’t wait to get started!”

Blockboard has raised close to one million dollars in funding from venture capitalists and investors back in may of two thousand and ten but has yet to see any substantial amount of revenue. Klout currently has thirty-two people working within the company and another four to be added on with the addition of Blockboard.


Zuora Cloud-Billing Platform Is On The Rise And With Good Reason

Zuora, the award winning cloud-billing platform, has caught the eye of many people in the private
software enterprise. Last November the company made their thirty six million dollars in funding known to the world from Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Index Ventures.

In their first three quarters of last year, the company signed over one hundred new venture and somewhat experimental customers. In the first quarter of two thousand and twelve the company has now more than doubled their initial one hundred buyers.

In the last year and a half the company has seen ten deals and over one million dollars in revenue. News International, Reed Business Information, TripAdvisor, Box and Vocus are just a few of the online media consumers who find their service useful enough to invest.

Zuora hopes to make their presence felt with the establishment of new offices across the Netherlands in Europe, Germany, France and Ireland. Twenty percent of Zuora’s business transactions take place on the outskirts of North America.

The funding will be used for core testing and commodity development, according to Zuroa. The company was established in two thousand and eight.