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Taylor Swift Stuns In Bodycon Dress At Weinstein Co. Holiday Party


Taylor Swift is known for her love of all things sweet and sparkly, which is why we are pleasantly surprised to see the singer embracing her sultry side.

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Paris Hilton … Get Your Hands Off My Porn!

Paris Hilton is going after a Slovenian porn site that’s illegally profiting off her good name and legendary sex tape.Image

The website — ParisHiltonPornVideos.com — features clips (yes, with a p) of “1 Night in Paris” … in order to attract pervs and drive traffic.

Paris has now taken legal action trying to shut the website down.  She also wants the domain name transferred to her … because if anyone’s gonna make money off of Paris’ naked body it will be her … and Rick Salomon.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/11/24/paris-hilton-sex-tape-porn-website-lawsuit-slovenia/#ixzz2laJ3dewa

The people we look up to

will define the narrative of our lives

It is inevitably part of human nature to compare ourselves with people around us — that comparison will exert a significant influence over how we determine our personal values and self-worth, with the extent depending on how strong our intrinsic motivations are.

Most of us will compare ourselves against our peers, especially the ones we knew back in school. Since we went through the same system, graduated the same year, wouldn’t that be a classic test environment where all conditions are seemingly equal? It seems common during reunion parties to subtly (or not so subtly, depending on your culture) find out ways to compare income levels, material assets, number of kids, years of marriage, etc.

Sometimes we forget that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Getting to a rest point earlier doesn’t equate to finishing a race faster. That is, if we want to define life as a race to something.

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The One Trick To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Why you suck. Why you’re awesome.Image

One of my most annoying self-defeating habits is comparing myself to others. Other coaches. Other men. Other writers. Other entrepreneurs. Other couples. Other dancers. I’m not going to sit here and say that I’ve totally gotten rid of that habit, either. It might always be there to some degree. I’m ok with that.

If you are on this planet, you will always be observing contrasts in our environment, good and bad. It’s natural. Use it as inspiration to do/live/love better? Awesome. Use it to treat ourselves like shit? Not so much fun.

But one thing has helped me tremendously is accepting and making peace with the following truth.

There is ALWAYS going to be someone:

Better looking
More muscular
More energetic
More generous
More available parent
Better dressed
More eloquent
More confident
Better dancer
Better speaker
More famous
More charismatic
More popular
Bigger boobs
More well-endowed
Has smoother skin
Has more hair

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Iran, six world powers clinch breakthrough nuclear deal

(Reuters) - Iran and six world powers reached a breakthrough deal early on Sunday to curb Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for limited sanctions relief, in what could be the first sign of an emerging rapprochement between the Islamic state and the West.

Aimed at ending a dangerous standoff, the agreement between Iran and the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia was nailed down after more than four days of tortuous negotiations in the Swiss city of Geneva.

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Living in the moment.

Grab life by its danglies.

A surprising number of people just drift through life without having ever really experienced anything. Don’t become one yourself.

This world is full of amazing and fun-filled adventures for all of us. Many people reach a certain age and realise that they’re running out of time to explore everything they thought they would when they were younger; they can only tick off a certain amount now due to restrictions on their life.

However, this isn’t how it has to be.

I’m only 18 and I make sure that I do things I enjoy. My main joys in life include: cricket, going clubbing with my friends; and going to the gym. Obviously this is just the standard life, but there are so many things that I want to experience in life, such as: seeing the Pyramids; travelling the world; making some sort of impact to people’s lives; and going on ‘lads’ holidays.

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German union mulls further strikes at Amazon before Christmas


(Reuters) – German labour union Verdi is preparing more strikes to step up pressure on Amazon, the world’s biggest Internet retailer, in a dispute over pay and conditions, a newspaper reported.

“Further strikes are to be expected,” Welt am Sonntag quoted Verdi board member Stefanie Nutzenberger as saying in an excerpt of an interview to be published on Sunday.

The union has organised several short strikes this year in a bid to force Amazon to accept a collective agreement on employment conditions similar to deals for the mail order and retailsector, which are more generous than for the logistics sector.

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Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code

And what I’ve learned from teaching others

Before you learn to code, think about what you want to code

Knowing how to code is mostly about building things, and the path is a lot clearer when you have a sense of the end goal. If your goal is “learn to code,” without a clear idea of the kinds of programs you will write and how they will make your life better, you will probably find it a frustrating exercise.

I’m a little ashamed to admit that part of my motivation for studying computer science was that I wanted to prove I was smart, and I wanted to be able to get Smart Person jobs. I also liked thinking about math and theory (this book blew my mind at an impressionable age) and the program was a good fit. It wasn’t enough to sustain me for long, though, until I found ways to connect technology to the things I really loved, like music and literature.

So, what do you want to code? Websites? Games? iPhone apps? A startup that makes you rich? Interactive art? Do you want to be able to impress your boss or automate a tedious task so you can spend more time looking at otter pictures? Perhaps you simply want to be more employable, add a buzzword to your resume, or fulfill the requirements of your educational program. All of these are worthy goals. Make sure you know which one is yours, and study accordingly.

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Photography is a way of living

The invaluable lessons photography has taught me.

Photography is the art and practice of recording light and creating pictures. However, that barely skims the surface of what photography really is.

Photography is my passion. It’s my escape. It’s a way for me express my feelings and thoughts, which I could have never done through words. You can say I’m just a stubborn 17 year old idealist who’s too busy daydreaming to live a real life, but I can attest to that though, with the lessons I’ve learned through photography.

Henri Cartier-Bresson couldn’t have said it any better: “In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little, human detail can become a Leotmotiv” Beauty lays in the details. Photography is a way of making the invisible visible. It gives us the gift to turn a subject and shape it into you any way you want. A true photographer has a keen eye for detail. We often see beginner photographers lack subjects and detail in their photos. In contrast we see a common problem in most people. We don’t often see people appreciate the small things in life. It was once said that you live life for the little things. I believe this to an extent where the small details of our lives help enrich our life experience. Whether it be your lover giving you a kiss on the cheek, to the coffee being just right, you will learn to appreciate life if you learn to appreciate the small aspects of life.

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10 Reasons to Stop Abusing Alcohol by 25

I’m out of college, beginning a great career,in love with that awesome someone and looking forward to my future — My life is perfect — but why is it that my life centers around alcohol? Something doesn’t feel right. I’d like to feel great without putting so much emphasis on getting tanked. Here’s a list of things that actually happen when you sit down and have a heart-to-heart with your glass-bottled friends and decide to renegotiate the terms of your fermented friendship. 

1. You won’t get a(nother) DUI — With some things in life, you should probably stop while you’re ahead. The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21 to 25 year olds and the average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before their first arrest. So if you’ve been fortunate enough to evade the law so far, good for you, but this could change at any point in time. The good news is, you won’t have to worry about this scenario if you stop pounding brewskis to the face before deciding that now is the perfect time to live out your wildest GTA fantasy. A general rule of thumb is that two drinks in one hour will usually place you near, if not over the legal limit for BAC. I know what you’re thinking: Two drinks in one hour and I’m over the limit?! Yep, it’s true, so you might as well not even drink. If you forgo the intoxicants, gone will be the days of operating a motor vehicle more nervous than the new guy in the prison shower block, trying to maintain a straight line by clenching the wheel like a frozen corpse, your mouth plagued with a repulsive flavor trio of cigarettes, mint gum and Red Bull. Now you can relax and listen to that NPR Podcast you’ve been putting off all day.

2. You’ll lower your chances of killing someone (and yourself) — We probably all had (we no longer have) a friend or a friend-of-a-friend that’s been killed as a result of drinking&driving. It should follow that these instances should make young people feel some type of way, more specifically, act by modifying that particular behavior. Sadly, despite knowing victims, witnessing graphic car crash dramatizations and enduring heart-wrenching memorials, we turn a blind eye to this reality — but why? Our ignorance in the face of facts is a complex issue. Maybe it’s because as a society, we’re inundated with images and stories of death that trivialize the traumatic cessation of life, so we become desensitized.Or maybe because we’re young and convinced that we’re invincible and such amazing drunk drivers that we couldn’t possibly wreck and kill someone. This is wrong. You’re not a better driver, you are however, great at convincing yourself and others of something that is COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Here’s the low down dirty dope: Everyday in America,28 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. With your decision to stop drinking and driving, you save lives my friend — and what’s better than that?

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