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Go Ahead, Blame the Internet for DC Shutdown (Hint: It’s Gerrymandering + Filter Bubble)

To understand the impact of the Internet, first look to game theory not psychology



Are you looking to blame the Internet for something? Forget what you’ve read in most popular media. It’s not making people more angry, narcissistic or lonely. But go ahead and blame it for the current dysfunction in DC. Along with gerrymandering, the internet is responsible for contributing to the conditions in which it makes sense for a small group of hardline Republican representatives to create gridlock and bring the government of the most powerful nation earth to a halt.


Where the Internet is stored
Where the Internet is stored (Photo credit: debs)


Not a week goes by in which a headline in a major new outlet doesn’t claim that the Internet turns us into something or other. The internet has been blamed for everything from stupidity to narcissism to loneliness to anger. When you dig down into such stories, you often find that the popular writers have either misunderstood the study—which often merely shows that the Internet reflects offline realities –or are cherry picking small, outlier studies while ignoring the preponderance of the research. (Yes, people who score high on offline narcissism scales behave in more narcissistic ways online. Yes, anger spreads more quickly online compared to other emotions. But guess what? Well-established research shows anger also spreads more quickly offline.) Overall, there is scant evidence, or reason, that the Internet alters fundamentals of human psychology.


The internet doesn’t change the players. It does, however, change the game. Sometimes, drastically.


In other words, if you want to understand what the Internet changes, look first to game theory, not psychology. We don’t have a different kind of human as a result of the Internet. We do, however, have different kinds of structures which change the games humans play in their social, personal and political lives.


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Pin-tusiastic Pinterest Ruling My Passion

Written by Shiramae Sepida

Social Media has grown faster than I have ever thought. I did not know the internet was born before I exist in this world. How rapid the internet changes, I imagine, will more than likely influence the younger generation.

We could set our status on Facebook, tweet what’s on our mind on twitter or even extend what we are up to on Google+. See? How many social networking sites persuade our willingness to intereact more. Social Media connects billions of people on a single click what ever we do.

Have you even seen something to catch your interest enough to pin on Pinterest? Or should I ask, Have you pin the most interesting thing in the world of social media yet? How such Pinterest creators designed this social network site that organizes your passion? They must been thinking of me, of you, of us here.

Are you with me? I’ve been hooked what Pinterest could offer me to see. Collaboration of different talents is more given chances to make an imaginative world we could ever visualize.

I found Pinterest as enthusiatic in a way where all I ever got to think when pinning is I gotta try this .. I gotta try this! Oh c’mon, who wouldn’t love to do things that makes your spirit who alive? What I’m trying to say here is Pin-tusiastic Pinterest rulling my all over dead passion.