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Twitter Makes Conversations Easier To Follow With Simple Line !!! (VIDEO)

SOURCE Huffington Post!

Twitter’s simplifying your life with the addition of one simple, yet important little line.

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is changing the way it shows conversations. Conversations will be easier to follow because they will be shown in chronological order, connected with a little blue line.

“You’ll see up to three Tweets in sequence in your home timeline; if you want to see more, you can tap a Tweet to see all the replies, including those from people you don’t follow,” Twitter said in an official blog post Wednesday. Conversations will also be easier to follow in real time.

Twitter also says that you will soon be able to report abusive or spam Tweets from the site itself and from the Android app. This is already available on the iPhone app. All of these features will be rolled out gradually starting Wednesday.

OPINION: Did Tracy McGrady Retire From The NBA Pre Maturely?!?

At the age of thirty four years, Tracy McGrady has officially announced his retirement from the National Basketball Association after fifteen seasons. However, did the former first round draft pick of the 1997 NBA Draft throw in the towel a little bit too early?

Tracy McGrady was drafted straight out of High School and his talent in the NBA seemed to be limitless with his ability to shoot the ball, drive past defenders and play lock down defense. When Tracy was with the Houston Rockets, the All Star Shooting guard began to experience back spasms, which proved to be more trouble some on his playing performance than people first anticipated.

McGrady was never able to fully recover from his back spasms and his NBA career looked as though it was heading down hill, due to age and injuries. Perhaps what Tracy McGrady will most be remembered for is his historic game against the San Antonio Spurs in which he scored thirteen points in roughly thirty five seconds to lift the Houston Rockets over the San Antonio Spurs.

McGrady brought one of the smoothest jump shots the NBA has ever seen, averaging just under twenty points over his fifteen season NBA career. A championship would have pushed McGrady into an elite club of basketball players which is why critics believe McGrady is giving up on the NBA far too early because Tracy has the ability to at least grab one championship ring before retirement.

Tracy McGrady was close to winning a championship with the San Antonio Spurs last season but the Miami Heat ended up winning their second straight championship in a very controversial finish. The fans, the coaches and the executives of the National Basketball Association are grateful they have been able to watch Tracy Mcgrady grow as a player and as an individual through his long, successful, fifteen year career in the National Basketball Association!

SignPost Is The Number One Internet Source For Your Business, Period

Signpost is a major New York City online advertising startup, which connects local businesses with new consumers. Speculators believe Signpost is creating the Google AdSense of local trading, and to that extent it currently powers monetization strategy for over one thousand local communicators, which range from mobile apps to directory services to daily pact websites.

The startup puts district businesses in control of their demanding campaigns by providing them with a suite of tools that drive new customers during slow periods and bring first-time visitors back. The service is available worldwide, with NYC, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago as its biggest markets.

Signpost has been funded an undisclosed amount of money by Google Ventures, Spark Capital (Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr) and a rockstar group of angel investors including Jason Calacanis (TWIST), Jack Herrick (e-how) and Thomas Lehrman (Gerson Lehrman.)

New York City Startup Quartzy Funded Over Three Hundred Thousand Dollars

What is Quartzy? Well, this New York City startup was fabricated for one sole purpose ‘to help scientists bring order to their labs.’ The team of six: Jayant Kulkarni, Adam Regelmann, Ajoy Sojan, Andy Crum, Scott Panichelli and Umang Shah met while doing research at Columbia University.

Poor communication and endless managerial tasks began to disorganize the team. They came to the realization they were not alone as many of these same issues were being experienced all across the world.

Out of this frustration and disappointment, the scientific academic community Quartzy was born. The teams’ goal was and still is very simple.

Quartzy hopes to advance science by attributing scientists to save their hard earned time and money. Quartzy is based out of Silicon Valley, California and is free to use by scientists.

Spectators believe the potential of this business could skyrocket through the roof if they are able to ‘nail the platform.’ The company has been funded over three hundred thousand dollars and was born in New York City before moving to beautiful California.

Sonar.me Will Uncover Your Closest Hidden Connections, Literally

CEO of Sonar.me, Brett Martin developed a mobile application to uncover the hidden connections you share with the people closest to you, literally. Sonar finds thousands upon thousand of connections you seem to miss every day of your life being friends, friends of friends, fellow alumni, likeminded strangers- and then, put them in the palm of your hand.

Sonar allows you to use the information you freely share about yourself online to connect with the person sitting right beside you.

Brett Martin says, according to a post/interview with TechCrunch, “It’s simple- you open up sonar and we tell you that the guy sitting across from you is facebook friends with your college roommate, the dude by the jukebox is a VC that you follow on twitter, and the cute girl by the bar also likes the Arcade Fire and Hemingway.”

Sonar.me has been featured on numerous sites since their initial development: The Next Web, Venture Beat, CNN Money, SoshITech, The Daily, Gigaom, The New York Times and Techcrunch.

Sonar has seven active members on their team: CEO Brett Martin, Head of Technology Brent Hargrave, Lead Mobile Developer Ajay Chainani, Design Monster Wynne Chan, Intern Ngozi Ogbonna, MBA Associate Javier Cobo and Bristish Intern Zefi Hennessy Holland.

Pinterest To See Twelve Million Views Each Month For The Time Being

By John

Do not look now but suddenly, like out of thin air, the rise of Pinterest is upon us.

A Washington Post writer describes the new network as ‘crack for women.’ In fact, women are a target demographic of the social web network.

What Ben and his team started to see a few months ago was a rapid incline in visitors to come from all over the United States and the UK. Now Pinterest has over twelve million monthly views and shows no sign of slowing down anytime.

Pictures of anything you can imagine are being seen by millions across the new social site. Books, sport photos, technology gadgets, clothes, women, men, beer, animals; if it comes to mind, it has probably been pinned.

“I think what’s interesting is that from a strong base of women it’s starting to branch out and we haven’t seen that with a lot of other social networks,” said Interent Startup Guru Mark Evans.