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Economic Cost of E-Reading

by Leaf Secrets

Above images comes from the New York Times website

I recently read an article by Amy Gahran  on CNN entitled E-books spur reading among Americans, survey says.  The general concept of America increasing its thirst for knowledge is exciting.  As Gahran began to close her statements regarding the positive outlook on America as a result of the introduction of imaginative technology (i.e., the Kindle Fire and iPad), she only hinted at those in poverty breaking even because they received the short end of the technological stick.

According to Gahran, “As the price of e-readers approaches zero, it opens up more opportunities for people who have been left on the wrong side of the digital divide to access the same wealth of information, entertainment and education as people with normal vision and average-or-better income.”  But, what are we sacrificing in the name of high-tech advancements?

Last year, alone, the hot ticket item for Christmas was an iPad. Children were no longer asking for the cuddly and, yet, creepy laughter from a Tickle Me Elmo; and, not everyone can afford these pricey items.  Their hunger for technology shows the shift of a paper society to an electronically geared one; but, in the process, we lose jobs because of what we choose to actively support.

 Clyde Prestowitz , a reporter for CNN, wrote on jobs created by Apple in China.  Jobs are maintained overseas instead of in America.  Along with that, production from other companies that assist the assembly of items needed to create books are negatively afflicted.  This trickle creates a economical depression by way of technological advocacy.   So, I ask, are we self-segregating technological production to support filthy lucre abroad?  Do we support technology, or do we support America? And, why can we not do both?

I understand that technological betterment echos societal growth; but, America is not sustaining alongside high-tech progression.  Gahran mentioned that Americans were still more likely to read paperback over an e-book, but Americans are, overall, reading more because of e-books; however, in doing so, we bankrupt businesses like Borders.  This is just one of many independent businesses that have had to cut spending, productivity and jobs based on consumer preference.

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We must ask ourselves what we want and be prepared for the answer we receive because, as of right now, the actions of individual companies are continuing to contradict the growth of a desired America.