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Which lessons to learn from a bad buzz?

Believe or not, I found out about this disgusting video only two days ago. (No, I didn’t live in a cave for the past 3 years).

Domino’s could have never recover from this bad buzz, but they did and I think this is admirable, and above all this recovery is the result of an excellent strategy.

This strategy is mainly to learn a lesson from this bad buzz, and try to turn this lesson into an advantage.

Of course each case is specific, but after reading about few bad buzz stories I noticed that some basic points need to be taken into account no matter what:

  • Do not bury your head in the sand and pretend the problem does not exist: it will just get bigger and bigger
  • Be honest: do not create fake blogs or fake testimonials
  • Be aware of everything that is being said / recorded / wrote about you and your brand: a video made years ago can be very prejudicial today
  • Quickly answer customers’ complains
  • Even when using personal accounts, be careful about what you tweet or comment
  • Do not censure people’s reaction, you’re not a dictator
  • Take your social media campaign seriously and do not let one intern doing all the job
  • Apologizes won’t solve everything, but they might certainly help

Of course, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s also a matter of chance. Let’s take Nokia’s  example: maybe this vibrating tattoo will be considered as an excellent idea in 5 years, maybe Nokia is just an avant-garde artist whose work is not understood.