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Unravel The Wings That Uplink Each Of Us!

Post By Shira

Social media is so broad. Every time I try to see myself into it moving so constantly, crowd will surely miss how I still stood up and wave like a new born source of networking people.

Sky is limitless. Do social media have the same perspective? Ehem.. there’s a bird in the sky utter the letters T W I T T E R. Yes one of my favorite site, Twitter.

I’ve been part of Twitter for almost three years and its simplicity let me indulge to be part of it. Tho, twitter today, well for me, evolve much! It does not only connect people who we want to reach on but it also does connect a lot of businesses. Internet marketing is here.

Twitter has become one of the most innovative strategy to advertise. Not to mention millions of accounts been use in marketing. As what I’ve observed, spammers rapidly goes in. You might been thinking that I hate spammers. Prolly yes, tho I must admit some times I am one of them. Hep, no I’m talking spammers here. What I’m trying to say is, Twitter become one of the uplink that market trying to fill in.

But to summed up, there’s nothing here to hate Twitter. Who can’t resist birds? The music that they made straight loudly to your heart? Honestly, I’m hooked so much on twitter! The ability of it to help us to speak and share news and reliable sources of information simply brought the world closely. Wanna be the one who is being talk about? Then unravel what’s in your mind!