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Your Leadership Matters – Stop blaming everyone else and look in the mirror

Today anyone can start a business. It is super easy to do. The hard part is to actually be a leader in that business and to create something awesome.

People undervalue leadership because it is easier to point the finger at every other influence that you would like to blame for your lack of success.

Economy, competition, employees, weather….

Leadership, YOUR leadership is the one thing only YOU can control. Your behavior in how you lead your team, your customers, yourself, is all leadership.

How you show up on Social Media — leadership.

How you handle a comment on your blog — leadership.

How you talk to your employees and your customers — leadership.

If your business is not where you want it to be — look in the mirror. You can only control your own behavior if you want to impact change. Stop blaming everything and eveyrone else and fix you first.

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Founder of The Pilot Project. Huge @Oprah fan #OWNambassador love my hubby, our dogs, our boat and our life!

Published December 30, 2013