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What Is The Difference Between A Winner & A Loser? Here Are Twenty!


1.)A winner will focus on the solution rather than the problem.
2.)A winner will take responsibility for his actions rather than blame someone else.
3.)A winner will find an opportunity arise from a crisis.
4.)A winner will live in the present and learn from the past.
5.)A winners will make a commitment to himself and keep it.


6.)A winner will think about how they can achieve greatness every single day.
7.)A winner will make personal development his or her number one priority in life.
8.)A winner will face their fear, accept it and dive in anyways.
9.)A winner is constantly seeking new ventures.
10.)A winner will consistently take the lead.


11.)A losers will fear failure and will be trapped because of this.
12.)A losers do the same thing over and over again hoping to expect a different result the next time around.
13.)A loser will make little effort in honoring their ability to grow.
14.)A loser will give up when the going gets tough.
15.)A loser would rather follow the crowd than lead.


16.)A loser will hangout with other like minded people who will only bring their true potential down.
17.)A loser does not want to work.
18.)A loser will make excuses.
19.)A loser will forever live in the past.
20.)A loser will blame others for his own faults.