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Business communications’ future is in the cloud

One rule of business is that nothing ever stands still. If you want to keep pace with change and keep up with your competitors, you have to keep moving. One area where this is particularly acute in the 21st century is communications. Rather than struggling to keep up with each change individually by packing in more and more software and gadgets, why not streamline the whole process by moving to the cloud?


The increasing complexity of communication

There was a time when business communications were very straightforward: you could write a letter or you could pick up the phone. Of course, everything took a lot longer to happen then, and it wasn’t possible to run an office the way many people do today, with staff working during their commute to and from it, working from home or continuing to engage with office tasks while on business trips. As working practices have changed, we’ve started to communicate using an increasing number of methods – email, text, video messaging, voicemail – and using an increasing number of devices.

Because of the disorganized way this growth has come about, some of those devices are incompatible with one another, and many are incompatible with workplace communications systems. If you want to give everybody in your team a phone and connect them all through the office, that’s great, but the chances are that it’ll be expensive, you won’t be able to give them top-of-the-range devices, and they won’t keep those phones with them all the time as they’ll generally communicate using their own devices.


Cloud ERP and integration

It’s much easier to do these things effectively by moving to the cloud. Cloud systems make it easy to keep people connected wherever they are, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can enable you to interlink your business communications so that calls to just one number can be correctly routed to the most useful device – even for faxes. This makes it easier to get hold of people whenever they’re needed.

Using cloud ERP systems is also advantageous if you’re doing business across different states or countries as they use voice over IP (VoIP) systems, which enable you to escape paying extra charges.


Making it happen

If these systems are so good, why aren’t more people using them? There are two main reasons. The first is that most people don’t realize how little they cost, especially in comparison to the savings they offer. The second is simple inertia – integrating a system like this sounds like a lot of effort. The good news is that unlike many popular software packages, they’re designed to be “device friendly”, which means that they work automatically with lots of different types of computer, software and mobile device. This makes them remarkably easy to install.

If you can afford to set aside a day or two – or even stay in the office over the weekend – you can quickly have everything up and running, and learn how to use it. This has the potential to save you a great deal of time and effort in the future.

The most common problems using linear actuators

Linear actuators are found in various machines that require linear motion, from simple disk drives to heavy industrial machinery. Though useful, there are problems associated with linear actuators. The problems experienced when using a linear actuator depends on the type of actuator.


Electric linear actuators

According to 12v electric linear actuators store, defects and errors of electronic components and electrical circuits of linear actuator system can cause fire. There is usually heating around the conducting circuit or component of the printed circuited board due to continuous supply of electricity to the faulty area. This heating caused by the continuous electricity supply is a latent fire hazard. Since the electrical circuit is not constantly connected, the fire does not develop immediately but the hazard increases over time.


Hydraulic linear actuators

Hydraulic linear actuators require proper maintenance and will develop problems like heat, noise and leakage when not properly maintained. This linear actuator needs additional equipment for reducing noise and heat as well as additional components like fluid reservoirs, release valves, filters, motors and pumps.

Changes in temperature alters the viscosity of fluid, increased viscosity at low temperature causes sluggishness. Another problem is that if leakage occurs there is loss of performance. In general hydraulic linear actuator have high fire risks.


Pneumatic linear actuators

The main problem associated with this linear actuator is that control of speed and position is not easy. Another problem is that resetting is not easy especially if there are no mechanical stops. This type of linear actuator is not suitable for heavy loads. If moisture penetrates the system rust occurs. Hydraulic power source are expensive a new power source costs more than $500


Electromechanical actuators

Electromechanical actuators require a transmission system, this adds mass and unwanted movement to the system. The moving parts of electromechanical actuators are also prone to wear. Electromechanical actuators require additional power translating to greater costs.

Gamer Demand Keeps Episodic Video Game Chapters Coming

Today, video games are more like serial films and are quickly replacing movies in the world of entertainment—in fact, Liberty Galaxy reports that the video game industry actually out performed the movie industry by more than 80 billion dollars in 2014. Gaming has quickly become a favorite form of entertainment and, like with movies, the expectation of compelling stories that stretch over multiple chapters has grown; and video game developers have responded. Here’s a look at just a few new chapters in our favorite video game fables.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

The sequel to 2010’s “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow,” the newest Castlevania title is the 34th chapter the the epic battle between the Belmont’s and Dracula. Taking place after the events in the first “Lords of Shadow” game, it begins with a recap of events surrounding Gabriel Belmont, his son Trevor and his grandson Simon. A thousand years later, Dracula awakens in modern age and pursues old enemies in an attempt to piece together the missing centuries of his unlife. Featuring fan favorite Alucard as well as other familiar faces, “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2” is a welcome addition in the storied “Castlevania” franchise of games.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The newest chapter in the “Dragon Age” saga, “Inquisition” picks up right where the events of “Dragon Age 2” left off: the Chantry and the mages of Thedas have erupted into open warfare and tensions are brewing between the nation of Ferelden and the nation of Orlais. Giant rifts to the Fade have opened across the countryside and your character plays into a much larger narrative that may change the landscape of Thedas forever. The “Dragon Age” franchise has received tremendous praise since its inception—in fact, “Inquisition” was awarded the coveted Game of the Year award as well as Best Role-Playing game at the Game Spot Game Awards. “Inquisition” not only delivers a much broader and open-world experience than previous games in the franchise, but it also brings back the personalized character creation that made “Dragon Age: Origins” such a blockbuster title. Bioware has also gone the distance to create rich and meaningful characters, an aspect of the game’s design that has become a calling card for the game developer.

Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

“Assassin’s Creed: Rogue” is the newest chapter in the historical action-adventure “Assassin’s Creed” franchise, this time taking place in the 18th century amidst the chaos of the French and Indian War. Building on the gameplay of “Black Flag,” the newest game in the franchise includes naval action, exploration, and fast paced combat. New to the series is the air rifle, a firearm that can be loaded with various ammunition to confuse or take out enemies from a distance. The modern-day side of the events picks up one year after the events of “Black Flag” and follow an unnamed Abstergo Entertainment employee, whereas the Animus relived events follow a young member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood as he becomes disillusioned with the Brotherhood. Eventually, players will hunt and be hunted by the very people they called brothers—a new an interesting perspective on the Templar and Assassin conflict.

Which Smartphone Will You Put on Your Wish List This Holiday Season?

Apple quietly sold its 500 millionth iPhone in spring of this year, Forbes reports. Such a milestone helps the argument that the tech behemoth is the most recognizable brand of smartphone on the market. But as this holiday season rolls around, you don’t want to decide on what kind of smartphone to get based solely on popularity—after all, your mobile phone is going to be nearly attached to your hand for the next couple of years (or more). To help you make a decision that’s right for you, take a quick look at a few of your options:

For the Budget-Conscious

If you don’t believe in allocating serious dough to a fancy phone, don’t worry. There are still plenty of options for you. Unless you’re due for an upgrade thanks to a contract renewal, you’ll most likely want to steer clear of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy. Both of these big hitters pack a hefty price tag.

Instead, look for some less common choices like the LG G3 or HTC One (M8). These two options are very highly rated for their technical specs and features, and they cost less than their more prevalent rivals. If your heart is set on Apple or Samsung, try asking your cell phone provider what they have in older models. When you go with a version from a year or two back, the functionality is similar but the cost is substantially decreased.

For the Budding Photographer

Hate to miss a single picture-perfect moment? If camera quality is the factor that matters most to you, you have some stellar options. For the most part, iPhones are considered to have the best overall camera. You can see the beauty and detail of everything you shoot, and the iSight camera boasts a sensor with Focus Pixels and video features such as time-lapse capabilities. While some other smartphones have a fairly comparable camera, the iPhone 6 is your best bet.

For the Data-Hungry

If you’re big on using data and taking advantage of a variety of apps, you’re a good candidate for a speedy smartphone. After all, who wants to wade through data at a snail’s pace? The truth of the matter is that the most popular smartphones aren’t going to disappoint you when it comes to rapidity. But if you want to be sure you have the fastest one on the market, you’ll again look to the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6 is a little faster with core functions, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 has proven to beat it out in other fields of testing.

So there you have it—some of your smartphone options for this holiday season. Regardless of which one you end up with, you may wish to get a smartphone protection plan to make sure you always have a working phone. There is not a single mobile phone that is indestructible. Here’s to happy shopping and smart decision-making!

How Your Web Hosting Company Can Help You Deliver Better Online Content

There’s an old saying on the web that ‘Content is King.’ Though it may not be quite as cool as it once was to phrase it in those exact words, the fact remains that your online content is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal for attracting visitors, boosting your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts and, yes, converting pageviews into sales and passing visitors into long-term customers.

Thankfully, creating this kind of all-conquering content is no longer the challenge it once was. For one thing, we can now get our hands on much more affordable gadgets to help us create visual content such as photographs and video footage. For another, we have a whole wealth of tools at our disposal to help us create, edit and publish our content, and most of them for free or included within your hosting provider.

Indeed, though our hosting accounts are the solid foundation upon which our websites are created and launched, we don’t always take advantage of the full range of features they put at our disposal.

If you’re the same, you may be missing out on discovering a number of ways that your web hosting company can help you deliver better online content.

Simple content management

Whether you’re creating content on the go, or have a backlog of pre-made material to upload and push out to the world, you’ll need a quick, simple approach to adding your text, images, video or other content to your existing pages and incorporating them into your site.

Few tools are better suited to this purpose than a Content Management System (CMS), providing you with all the tools you’ll need to manage your entire website from anywhere you happen to have an Internet connection.

Though the WordPress platform remains possibly the most well-known CMS, other popular options such as Joomla and Drupal are just as effective when it comes to adding, amending or removing content from your site, and so much more.

Most of the top hosting plans out there come with easy one-click installation of all these platforms and more, meaning you can be up and running within minutes, and all without requiring any technical know-how.

Easy eCommerce

If you’re in the business of selling goods online, a large proportion of your content will likely be photos and product descriptions of those goods. To add these to your site, and allow customers to order them from you with a few clicks of a mouse, you’ll need an eCommerce solution.

Much as with the Content Management Systems mentioned above, your hosting provider will often provide one-click installation of services such as the Magento eCommerce platform and other powerful tools to help you make money online.

Powerful photo galleries

From selling products and services online to publishing your creative portfolio, a truly effective way to showcase your wares in the best possible light is with high quality images presented in a photo gallery.

Again, you’ll find tools to help you do that within your hosting account’s control panel. GoDaddy for example, comes with free access to Gallery, a useful tool for publishing your images in attractive, dynamic photo galleries that blend in perfectly with the rest of your website.

Effective SEO

We’ve already mentioned the fact that content plays a big role in the success of your Search Engine Optimisation work, but how do you know if you’re getting it right?

Within your hosting plan, you should find website analytics and similar tools that help you assess your website traffic, examine the kinds of things your visitors are looking for, and analyse which parts of your site are achieving the best results. When you have that kind of data at hand, you can reevaluate your content if needed and produce material more targeted to the needs of your visitors.

Alternative Ways to Charge Your Cell Phone

Rather than plugging into an outlet or a computer USB port, there are new and emerging charging technologies that make it faster and easier than ever to get life back into your phone. This is good news for anyone who depends on their phone day and night. Wireless charging technology is the future goal for developers. Here are some alternative ways to charge your phone that are being developed:

Wireless Charging Stations

The companies developing wireless charging stations for smartphones like the iPhone 6 have big plans to scale usage of their products and for universal adoption.

According to CNET, there are two current standards for wireless cell phone charging: the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Qi. They both use inductive charging, but on different wavelengths. PMA produces the Duracell Powermat, which is in Starbucks in the Boston-area and will soon be in McDonald’s in Europe. It’s developing charging stations to be more interactive, too. They enable store personnel to see how long customers are using chargers and even offer items like coupons for store products. Qi is used with high profile cell phones such as the HTC Droid DNA and Nokia Lumia 920. Soon, it also will support the Galaxy S4.

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) uses technology based on magnetic resonance. This is different than inductive charging because instead of placing the phone in charging cradles on a mat, users simply place their devices on the mat for wireless charging. This means several devices can charge on a single mat at the same time, even if just a part of the phone is touching the mat. Furthermore, A4WP mats can charge devices through several layers. For example, you can place a magazine over the mat with the phone on top, and your phone will still charge.

Faster Charge Times

Lithium battery technology is allowing smartphones to hold charges longer, and now Qnovo wants to make these batteries charge up to 75 percent faster, reports Forbes. They have developed software that can be used with existing operating systems and an augmented chipset that monitors battery voltage, temperature and usage to speed up charging. They are working to get their technology into most cell phones in 2015.

In addition, by 2016, StoreDot expects to sell a slim battery made with nanotechnology that is able to charge a smartphone in 30 seconds.


Micro-windmills are another piece of technology being tested for smartphone battery life. Invented by research associate Smitha Rao and electrical engineering professor J.C. Chiao, 10 micro-windmills can fit on a single grain of rice. These micro-windmills are not only miniscule but also are sturdy because they are made from a durable nickel alloy material. And, another major perk is that they can be mass-produced inexpensively.

According to the University of Texas, Arlington, Chiao and Rao envision embedding the windmills into the sleeves of cell phones so they are available when the battery is low. Then, all the user has to do is simply wave the phone in the air, hold it out the window of a moving car or hold it in front of a fan in order to charge it.