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How to save place in your hose with linear motion systems


Improving efficiency and performance are important factors for the success of linear actuators. Nonetheless, linear actuators should also be judged on other criteria, including the ability to help in saving space.  Hence, improving on space ought to be taken into account when choosing among different linear actuators. Linear motion systems that are robust and compact can save on space in the house highlighting the benefits of linear actuators in the homestead.


According to Progressive Automation service (also known as PA custom linear actuator service), one of the ways to save space using linear actuators is through having multi-axis configurations. This option is suitable when loading at home, as there is minimal movement of linear actuator, since it is configured to suit the desired results. Belt driven actuators need not be bulky for them to perform the desired wok, and since there can be two mounting configurations; the user can choose to rely both of them.


In the loading process, linear actuators can ensure that there is no sliding by holding things together after loading. This creates space as things ate put in more compact positions than they would if there was no form of fastening. In other words, besides loading linear actuators act as fasteners to loaded objects in the house especially the kitchen and store where there are many goods.

Motor mounting

In the process of loading, motor mounting plays an important role, where mounting various components in linear actuators facilitates linear movement and coupling depending on the intended purpose of motor mounting and the design of linear actuators. The more compact a linear actuator is, then the more likely it will take less space while also moving other objects.  However, this function is mostly applicable to linear actuators with belt systems, but other forms can also perform the action.

The Most Underrated Celebrity Booties of 2015

If you want to tone and tighten your derriere, celebrity booties can be a great source of inspiration for getting a beautifully bodacious body also worthy of the red carpet. Whether the result of magical genetics, butt implants, or powerhouse athletic training, celebrity bums prove that having a luscious behind will never go out of style. Most women in show biz stand out for their stunning faces and bodies, but successful singing or acting careers often take a backseat for ladies with famous tushes. Although the “Year of the Butt” officially came to a close, there’s no end in sight to top headlines idolizing the magnificence of celebrity booties.

That’s partly in thanks to a select group of extra curvy celebrities who have worked their asses off to truly bring the butt back into fashion. Kim Kardashian has one of the most talked about rear ends in the business, especially after showing it off on Paper Magazine. At 45 years old, Jennifer Lopez continues to captivate our attention with her greatest asset by twerking in her “Booty” music video with the equally curvacious Iggy Azalea. Rapper Nicki Minaj’s butt is no stranger to the camera either with her jaw-dropping selfies consistently turning heads on Instagram. Of course, it would be a crime not to mention Queen B too since she introduced the world to the true meaning of “bootylicious” to begin with.

But, just because these booties are among the most famous in the world, it doesn’t mean they’re the best behinds ever. Luckily for people who like big butts and cannot lie, Hollywood now seems to be well-populated with gorgeous actresses whose glutes defy gravity and take on a life of their own. From Fergie’s lovely lady bumps and Vida Guerra’s rock-hard bum to Candice Swanepoel’s bubble butt and Camilla Belle’s petite womanly curves, there’s a never-ending list of fabulous celebrity bottoms to strive for according to your body type. Below we’ve created an awe-inspiring infographic of our favorite underrated celebrities booties to give you the motivation to start building your better booty today!

Underrated Booties (final)