6 Best Free Education Apps and Online Education Programs

Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, higher education is within everyone’s reach. Not only are there more than 10,000 free online courses available from some of the top universities in the world, such as Johns Hopkins University and MIT, there is also a wide variety of free apps that can enhance your educational experience:

  1. Khan Academy. This is an iOS app and educational program rolled into one. Khan Academy offers access to more than 4,200 educational videos spanning subjects from math and science to economics and the humanities. The app has the best functionality when used on the iPad, with additional features allowing users to track progress and download videos for offline viewing.
  2. StudyBlue Flashcards. Available for both iOS and Android, StudyBlue Flashcards allows users to make flashcards with text, pictures and audio. Even better, you can search StudyBlue’s rich content library for information relevant to the subject you’re studying. The app offers different study modes with quizzes and review sheets, while an automatic self-assessment score lets you know how you’re doing. StudyBlue also offers the ability to collaborate with classmates.
  3. Study Planner Mobile App. Many universities and online educational programs offer their own apps. Online university Penn Foster offers the Study Planner Mobile App that integrates with coursework, from Business Management to Veterinary Tech. The Study Planner is available for both iOS and Android, and offers a variety of useful features. You can customize individual study plans, integrate your study time into your calendar and track your progress both against your study plan and the program expiration date. You can also view your exam grades.
  4. Scribd. Imagine being able to share texts, notes and study guides with users around the world, including the New York Times, Random House, World Bank or even President Obama. Available on iOS and Android, this app has the world’s largest document sharing library with a database containing millions of documents and books. Scribd allows you to curate and organize documents from the app’s database and create your own library.
  5. Studious (Android) and iStudiez Lite (iOS).These two apps are both great organizers for the busy student. Input your class information — location, date, time and professor name — and Studious will remind you when homework is due, when tests are coming up and will even silence your phone during classes and tests. The app has an easy to use interface and stores photos and notes. The iOS-compatibleiStudiez does all the same things, including tracking your grades, but does it across all your devices via Cloud synching. If you need to manage more than five courses, you can spring for the Pro version for only $2.99.
  6. iTunes U. Another app/educational program combo, iTunes U offers complete courses from esteemed partner institutions such as Oxford, Stanford, Yale, MIT, the Museum of Modern Art and the Library of Congress, to name a few. Free high-quality educational content was never so easy and convenient. Use iOS 7 for best playback speed and user interface.

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