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Brainspace Corporation makes software that connects people

Brainspace Corporation makes software that connects people and knowledge through a semantic intelligence platform. Brainspace processes information like the human brain—evaluating content, meaning and connectedness and determining not just relevance, but value. Brainspace’s suite of solutions will transform the way you find and connect to people, data and knowledge. Contact us for more information, or sign up now for the invitation-only beta of our new social curation app.

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Build a beautiful simple website for your small business with!

Everything a simple site needs and nothing more

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Onepagers come packed with industry leading search engine techniques. Add the content and we’ll do the rest to get you a great page rank.

  • Build Custom Forms

    Add a form so your visitors can quickly email you from your website. Use a form for signups, simple surveys, or as a general contact form.

  • Worry-Free Cloud Hosting

    Onepagers are served from our dedicated cloud hosting environment. You’ll never need to worry about setting up a hosting account or wonder whether your site is accessible.

  • Email Newsletters

    Let your users signup for your email newsletter from your Onepager. Send updates to your customers from your Onepager dashboard.

  • Lots of Themes

    We know, you’re good at what you do and that may not have anything to do with designing websites. Our themes will make your small business website look great.

  • Ecommerce

    Turn your Onepager into your online storefront by using our ecommerce functionality. Sell physical goods, digital downloads, or collect invoice payments.

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Gamers Rejoice! Rewards Your Gaming Way Of Life!

Track Game News

Stay in the loop by tracking all the latest news from your favorite games. Once you’re tracking a game, all the latest information will appear in your news feed.


Show off your accomplishments or talk a little smack by posting screenshots, videos, and statuses of your latest game accomplishments.


Find and meet fellow gamers who love the same games you do. Duxter is also the perfect place to meet up with teammates, clan members and friends.

Play Games

Our online arcade is rapidly expanding and full of awesome games. You can live chat with others playing the same game you are, and automatically submit your high scores to the Duxter leaderboards.

Earn Rewards

Earn Duckets for completing Duxter quests or in-game achievements, which get you discounts on games, gear and other items in our Duxter store.

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Write Better With Draft –

You don’t need writing software; you need someone’s feedback on your writing.

You don’t need version control software; you need to find all the things you’ve written without fear.

You don’t need distraction free text editors; you need to find ways to write more concisely, more clearly.

You don’t need real time collaboration software; you need a bigger audience for your writing.

I’m working on Draft to provide what you need. What I need.

We need to be better writers.


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GoInstant Has Everything You Need To Build Awesome RealTime Applications!

GoInstant incorporates data storage, pub/sub messaging and client-side components to take the complexity out of building real-time, collective applicationss. You don’t need a server or backend infrastructure, GoInstant handles that and gives you the tools to build apps fast.

PlayHaven – Finally, An Engine For The Business Side Of Your Games –

PlayHaven – Over twenty thousand games, one hundred seventy six million monthly active users, 3.5+ billion monthly sessions in over two hundred twenty countries. PlayHaven’s performance-based advertising solutions regularly deliver quality players from the best games-focused advertising network.

“I routinely analyze every distribution partner for quality.
PlayHaven always comes out on top.” – Gaia Online

“PlayHaven delivers every time on every request we made of
them. We are proud to be a partner.” – Phoenix Age

“PlayHaven consistently delivers us high volumes of
top quality players.” – Grow Mobile

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Google Analytics Tells You What’s Happening – KissMetrics Tells You Who Is Doing It!

With deadlines, an overflowing inbox, and quarterly goals to meet, we need to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Instead of using web analytics to track pageviews, visitors, and events, it’s time to start tracking our customers.

When we understand our customers, we understand how to grow our business.

KISSmetrics tracks real people—where they come from, what they do, and who purchases.

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All about Buffer –

Everything you could ever want to know about what makes Buffer tick.

We designed Buffer to offer you a personal more efficient solution to handle sharing on social media.

Buffer makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule the great content you find. Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automagically posts them for you through the day. Simply keep that Buffer topped up to have a consistent social media presence all day round, all week long.

Custom scheduling, multiple accounts, team member access and detailed analytics make Buffer the go-to social media management tool for more than 1.2 million users around the world.

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Startup Edition – Weekly Wisdom From Founders, Hackers, & Designers –

Startup Edition is a curated gathering of bloggers in the startup community, sharing their wisdom and response to a single question each week.

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Blogging vs. Building

“The more you blog, the less you are building”

Hiten Shah recently shared these words with me on MessageMe:

The more you blog, the less you are building.

I’m currently parked at blogging HQ, Philz Coffee, writing. I write frequently, dedicating 1-3 hours every day and publishing up to three posts each week (I have a dozen unpublished essays finished in my “queue”). Many people have asked why I spend so much time writing, sometimes criticizing this daily routine and questioning its value.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Recently there’s been a surge of debate in the startup community on the value of blogging[1], kicked off by this tweet by Keith Rabois:

I disagree with Keith’s hyperbolic statement — I can name several successful founders that blog regularly[2] — however, there is some truth to his argument. For 95% of us, blogging is very time-consuming. The attention it brings is also distracting, as one’s Twitter stream and email inbox flood with ego-boosting appreciation.

Blogging takes focus away from other things, including your startup. As Nabeel Hyatt points out, many founders ebb and flow in this blogging routine. Take Ev Williams as an example. When his new startup, Medium, first launched, he regularly published on the new platform but in recent months he’s remained largely silent. Why? Probably to focus on Medium.

Why I Write

I write for many reasons. I get tremendous intrinsic and extrinsic value from it. This daily habit helps me hone an important soft skill: communication. My writing abilities have improved, as evident by the embarrassment I feel reading blog posts I wrote six months ago.

Blogging is a joy. I use it as a vehicle to explore product design, deconstructing the psychology and growth tactics used in many of today’s most successful consumer products.

In doing so, I have built an audience of interested startup enthusiasts, providing me a platform of followers for experimentation and distribution of new startup ideas. Most people start marketing after they conceive of a startup idea or release a product. In reality, marketing can begin before a startup’s inception.

But what’s most rewarding is the feedback and appreciation I receive from readers. Not to sound egotistical, but several founders have informed me that something I wrote, provided them with new perspectives, sometimes changing the way they build their startup and even their own life.

I Won’t Always Blog This Much

But like Ev, I won’t always blog this often. I’m currently in-between roles, exploring opportunities for my next full-time, all-in startup adventure. I blog for the reasons above but it’s also strategic.

Blogging has opened several opportunities to meet amazing entrepreneurs, advise startups, and job offers. Blogging is the new resume — amplifying one’s experience, talent, and way of thinking in a more scaleable way than one-on-one communications. Fortunately, I’m in a position to invest in my blog without sacrificing focus in building a startup.

For now.

[1]: Many other bloggers have weighed in on this topic:

[2]: Here are a few founders I respect that actively blog:

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This essay was inspired by this week’s Startup Edition, “Why do you write?”. Visit Startup Edition to read more responses from other entrepreneurs.

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