Mindset: Your Boss is Really Your Client

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The old business mindset is that you report to a boss. The new business mindset is your boss is actually your client or customer.

The way that companies should re-think management is that all employees are self-empowered, and like their own business owner. I believe that everyone is their own CEO of one, they are responsible for their own strategy, knowledge, education, marketing, and building their own information strategies. You can read my blog post on you’re a company of one.

At Altimeter Group, where I’m a partner, I encourage colleagues to have the mindset that I’m not their boss, but instead, I’m their client or customer. In fact, one of our core company values is empowered, the belief in individual performance balanced with teamwork. I want them to be self-empowered, take accountability for their future and make informed decisions knowing that I believe in their expertise and trust them.

Why wouldn’t management have this mindset? If you’re willing to invest your time and money on hiring the best, you should treat them as the experts they are. Of course this doesn’t come without proper definition of defining the success criteria, putting ongoing training in place and setting up a performance tracking program. I’m no expert on these topics, and am learning ever day.

So if you work in a small company or big one, remember that who you report to isn’t your boss, but instead your client. Approach your career as a company of one, and you’re the CEO. Remember, your boss is really your client –you are empowered in your career, even if you work in a huge corporation.

Adopt the new business mindset: even if you work for someone else, treat them as your client.

(This was originally posted on the Web Strategy blog, I made a few amendments for this abreviated content form on Medium.com.)

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