Is Narcissism the Wave of the Future

or is this my false perception

I’ve decided to take some time to write a little bit about my outlook on the individuals not only that surround me but all of us as a whole. When I first thought about writing this I wanted to focus mainly on the creative industry. In many ways I believe we have now become the modern day jocks. Not only have we become engulfed by our work and progression, but arrogance is something I’ve witnessed since the boom of our tech epiphany.

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The technology industry is a vast growing full force machine that I don’t see stopping or slowing down anytime soon and I hope it doesn’t devour us all. There is still a small minority that rebel against this evolution and are far from accepting this new norm. We scour through social networks daily as they take up a large percentage of our time, even to the point where one can call it an addiction. Not only is that addiction filling voids that we have yet to address. We spend so much time putting up a facade to achieve this illusion of how elaborate or fabricated our lives may be.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the wall between celebrity or Hollywood has been brought to shambles. We can now broadcast ourselves and define our own popularity. The tools our at the grasp of a device and I’ve realized the days of anonymity are gone. Being behind the scenes are far from sound or apparent. We want the attention, we want the attraction and we want a sense of stardom. One may say I’m a bias, jealous or envious man, but at this moment in time, I’m a man that is sad for humanity and myself. I am not targeting anyone in particular because at the moment I am a slave to this cesspool of counter productivity as well.

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Take a moment, step back, and look at how we treat people. What we do and what we consume our time with. Life is short and whether it’s on the internet or not. It still affects us and the people around us. We take many things for granted; For example you have some free time to catch up with an old friend, but you decide to sift through a feed in a device you hold in your hand. There is no emotion and no connection, this screen, gadget consumes your attention and every need. Now you are ignoring the person you came to visit at that present time. We ask ourselves as we analyze…..

How many likes did I receive?
How much attention did I get?
Did I lose any followers or Friends?

This become a spiral of narcissism as you can see. Me, me, me, and more me. When you just had the opportunity to live in the now with your friend / family that cares deeply about you and cared enough to take time out of their day to converse. We may respond to our friends and family with I know, I know but do we really know how much this little device consumes us? Even myself I say it and agree but when the time comes i’m back at square one picking the darn thing up in the middle of a great conversation.

Photo by Michael Martinho

One may argue including myself that this is a sense of documentation. Are we really documenting our lives? or are we looking for an outside approval on how we are living? These are questions I’ve been asking myself lately and what really is the substance of ones existence. Where are we headed, and are we conscious of how reliant we are on technology. How much we crave for self worth and desire acceptance and popularity.


I’ve been through a lot this past 5 years, my life has turned in so many different direction and things have taken place that I would’ve never thought in my wildest dreams and nightmares would have. We as People are fickle and live a life that is very transient. With that said I wanted to write an article that made you, me and myself step back, from the light of a screen from the depths of our digital creation with an outside point of view. To change certain habits or embrace other avenues of ourselves. Invoke change! fill your life with quality and rid yourself of quantity.

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