How Content is now the Entryway into your Customer’s Subconscious Thought.

What Effect Has The “Information Age” Had on Branding, Business, and Our Own Minds?

We have moved from knowledge to reference.

We know how and where to find information now better than we actually know information.

Like trinity learning the motorcycle in the matrix — we can plug in and get what we need and leave. We don’t need a “mind palace” like Sherlock has, we have it at our fingertips.

We recognize brands and sources that give us the information we need, so when we need to acquire new information on the dot we open our reference folder and pull our most trusted source up — the brands we can associate with the most, trust the most.

This is why being a trusted source, being a brand that is findable (indexible in the SEO world), referenced and shared is so important online. “Online” is now essentially our data bank, and our minds are filled mostly with references, if you’re the brand we believe in, you’re the brand we will subconsciously use when seeking out information.

Thus if you create content online, you are creating a subconscious informational connection with your audience.

The lateral equality of content gives a beautifully level playing field for brands and businesses online. Whomever has the clearest, cleanest or otherwise best approach to content will win out in the end. Whomever connects to their audience the best, understands their content the best, and informs the masses the best will generate the greatest following and the most “mind-equity” within their users.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”— Winston Churchill

“Mind-equity”  — yeah, you read that right. No, I’m not trying to come up with a new buzz-word, god knows we have enough of those as it is. The term is meant to mean the amount of space in your consumer’s subconscious, which can be directly measured by how much content of yours they reference. Essentially the more your customer references your work, the more your followers speak about your work, the more they internalize your teachings the more you are planted in their subconscious.

What is branding if not creating some form of mind-equity in your audience? Our mind is broken up into folders, this has been scientifically proven, that we — instead of directly recalling information — reference information from “folders” or categories within our brain. The key to content marketing is to essentially make your folder the most robust you can within your customer’s or audience’s mind. The more information to reference, the more they will think of you, and upon reaching a “buying decision” (if that is your end-goal) they will choose you, based off of their sub-conscious alone. The impulse-buy benevolence kicks in.

The greater the authority you are, the greater resonance you will have in your audiences resource bank, mind-equity, whatever the hell you want to call it — their subconscious thought.

So, if you want to get into your customers mind, create content online.

I’m a content marketer and SEO consultant, having worked with brands like Best Western, Holiday Inn, MFG & Baker Hughes to boost revenue through clever content and organic search. I’m also a freelance consultant for hire.

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