7 Traits Great Entrepreneurs Are Made Of

Why don’t have the chops to become a great entrepreneur.

Or do you?

1. Great entrepreneurs don’t create excuses, they create solutions.

2. Great entrepreneurs take responsibility for their work, and feel responsible about others.

3. Great entrepreneurs have a tough work ethic, to start and work until the job is done. They start by focusing on one task and then expand until the picture is painted. When dreams become a reality.

4. Great entrepreneurs control risk and exposure. And aren’t impulsive or emotional when it does happen.

5. Great entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need “an investment” to build great companies. They’re creative and figure out other ways and execute.

  • Apple, started from a garage, Steve Woz created the product Steve jobs sold it.
  • Facebook, started in a dorm room, Mark Z. wrote the code with the help of the right people and got traction way before they got their first investment.
  • Gurbaksh Chahal, found an ad software from a guy online, sold advertising deals to businesses. And paid for the software while trialing it for 90 days.

6. Great entrepreneurs master the law of leverage in business — getting things done through the right people efficiently.

7. Great entrepreneurs know that everything he/she is learning, from any and everywhere is valuable and an asset in the long run.

So do you have what it takes to become a great entrepreneur?

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Published September 26, 2013