Starting Up – An Entrepreneurial Adventure in Honduras.

The idea of being a serial entrepreneur has always fascinated me. Coming up with ideas, going from project to project finding solutions to problems, and bringing them to fruition.

Obviously it’s easier said than done. Taking an idea and putting all the pieces together to make it run smoothly and ultimately make some money in the process is no easy task. Trust me…I know. I created an audio production company 6 years ago and I’m still trying to grow and make it better.

I think that’s the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.
– Elon Musk

Can I have my cake and eat it too?

The thing is I’m always looking to do something else, something new. It’s just the way my mind works I guess. Problem is there’s usually not enough money, time or resources to make all those ideas happen. And it’s especially hard to get things running smoothly in Honduras. Yes the “murder capital of the world” where corruption and violence is a legitimate way of doing business.

So this year (2014), as sort of a challenge, experiment, To-hello-with-it moment, I decided basically invest all of my savings it into several business and personal projects and see what happens.

I started this blog to document and share the process of this year long experiment…or for as long as I have money to fund these projects.

One Lempira. This is the currenccy of Honduras. The exchange rate with the US Dollar is approximately 20 to 1.

I also want to share it for several reasons:

  1. Sharing my experience so other people can learn from my mistakes and maybe do something similar or better.
  2. Get some feedback from reasers and maybe some useful tips from others who know a bit more than I do.
  3. Showing people how business is done in Honduras and some of the obstacles that might get in the way…or not.
  4. Just to see if I don’t go crazy in the process handling several projects at once.

So there it is…this is my Startup Adventure.

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Dad, husband, musician, risk taker and entrepreneur.

Published January 4, 2014