Smile, You’re Remembered.

There are few things I am more proud of than “Smile, you’re designed to.”

It was at onetime, for several years, Fab’s trademarked tagline and included always with our logo. I remember dreaming it up. Jason wanted to come up with a set of internal cultural declarations to turn into posters around the office. And these statements touched upon the hallmarks of Fab: authenticity, service, design, customer experience and service.

But we had an even number and I hate the weight of evenness in design. The others were also all heavy statements, I wanted to simplify everything into one “easy” saying. And so I just blurted it out. And it stuck.

I have been told it’s not proper grammar. I don’t care. It’s perfect.

The graphic treatment was dreamt up with Chad Phillips, then Fab’s Creative Director, and now at the Cooper Hewitt. I had always loved Experimental Jetset’s ”John&Paul&Ringo&George” shirts. I love how for a decade that shirt’s been a template for easy to understand statements and teams/bands in a modern style. So we borrowed, as allowed by EJ, and created the above image.

“Smile, you’re designed to.” has now been replaced by “Smiles. Guaranteed.” at Fab. Which, I guess, is grammatically correct and also simple and to-the-point.

But I miss the old logo and saying. It inspired it’s own copies, jewelry and posters and new takes, and it’s still a phrase I use near daily.