Engineers Dream Reality – We want to change the world

A few months ago, while contemplating changing my major to something more challenging but purportedly more rewarding, I went to a friend for help in making this tough decision. He is an engineering major at the Syracuse University, so I looked to him for advice as I debated switching from a marketing major to a computer software engineering major.

After he reassured me the switch would bring about a considerably larger work load, but a much worthy outcome, he noted his uncertainty in his desire to continue pursuing a degree in engineering. I don’t blame him, its not an easy field to go in to. However, I knew he wanted to do it for a reason, the same reason I wanted learn computer software programming, so I sent him my usual novel of a text to remind him why he even wanted to take on something very few people even think about. I guess the novel was effective sense he suggested I quote it. Here it is for anybody out there who is lost on the path they took or those of us who do not yet know which way to go:

“I want to make stuff. People like you and me don’t go into fields like the ones we are pursuing just for the money. Some do, and that’s perfectly fine because in the end, that’s what puts food on the table. However, engineers are creators because they see the world in a different light than the other seven billion.

We see the world advancing from what it once was and we enjoy the progress. We see that it all didn’t just fall out of the sky. People developed it all. We enjoy the product that came from a man’s hard work, but unlike the other seven billion, that’s not all—we appreciate every bit of it and we want to be a part of that progress.

People like you and me dream to bring about something new, something greater, something that will increase the quality of life: we want to change the world.”

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