The Google Debate : Part 2

Where have all the keywords gone?


- By Bill Nolan

If you spend any time analyzing those keywords that are essential to your company’s marketing strategy, you have undoubtedly noticed that something is missing lately. Yes, the keywords used to be there but now “not provided” is showing up everywhere. So what is going on? Google, in what some say is a monopolistic show of power, has made them vanish like a great magician making the Statue of Liberty disappear. Unfortunately, this isn’t smoke and mirrors for our entertainment… it appears to be the wave of the future and another tactic being used to feed the Google money making machine.

As Google Adwords enters the room.

Basically, every company knows the importance of keywords. These are how your customers find you online, which in turn helps you to adjust your online marketing campaign. Knowing the prime keywords enables you to sprinkle them throughout your content which leads to more exposure for your business. So why did Google take this powerful tool from us? Because they can, and it is a huge benefit to them. This move will essentially force companies to utilize Google’s Adwords. For those who aren’t aware, Adwords are a paid feature which makes them somewhat similar to promoted post campaigns on Facebook or Twitter so your company will need to invest a monthly amount for the use of these. The benefit to your business is that you will once again be able to see which words play a critical part in your advertising. What is the benefit to Google? Only billions of dollars in revenue.

What to do? What to do?

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So what to do? Well, since Google basically has a stranglehold on search engine traffic, not much can be done to obtain the actual keywords being used unless you want to invest in Adwords. That is an unfortunate fact now. Lucky for you, I’m a pretty savvy individual that has some tips that will soften the blow should you choose to say no to Google.

We Have Answers.

Having a well designed and properly maintained website is crucial as well as having an analytics tool linked to it. Start by checking out the landing pages on your website as this can give you hints as to what people are searching for. Next, review the site search tool in your analytics as this will tell you what words users search for once they get to your website. It’s safe to say that you can consider these keywords. This last piece of advice is very important so pay attention! Use your webmaster tools to view the top search queries. Keep in mind that these are usually phrases but many times they will contain words that you already do or should consider keywords. For example, if the top search query is Sourballpython social media blogs, that gives me a good idea of what keywords may lead people to our website and I’m going to utilize them in my content.

Remember that these tips don’t replace knowing exactly which keywords lead possible clients’ to your company’s website. They are just an alternative to investing large amounts of money annually into using Adwords. Another option is obtaining the services of a SEO specialist and social media manager to ensure that your website and social platforms are optimized, and they will be able to zero in on the keywords that drive traffic to your business.

The following infographic is an excellent resource for understanding how Google Adwords work. CAUTION: You may have recurring flashes of failing your final exam when viewing this information…

Ádh mór a bheith in éineacht libh! — b. nolan


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