SEO is King : Supercharged & EASY Tips for Your Content and Social Media

-By Bill Nolan

Search Engine Optimization may seem confusing at times. Many people wrongly presume that it’s just about stuffing as many keywords as possible into their content and posts, but in reality it’s much more than that. Every aspect of your company’s online presence helps build your SEO. Your website, blog, daily posts to social media sites, and even your followers are relevant. We are going to let you in on some fairly easy techniques that will infuse SEO into your company, resulting in more exposure from GOD… aka the Search Engines. Today you’ll learn how to make SEO work organically for you and give your content a kick in the ass!

THE BASICS : Many people believe that metatag descriptions and social page descriptions help search engine ranking, so they decide to load them up with keywords. This usually results in an unintelligible phrase filled with random words that make no sense to the user… and here is the punchline, these descriptions aren’t even indexed by the top search engines so they don’t improve ranking much at all. This doesn’t mean to completely neglect them either. The user does see these descriptions and if you’ve make it interesting they will be more likely to visit your page… so, although it’s inadvertent, metatag descriptions can help your SEO.

THE IN BETWEEN : When you are writing content to post, obviously you want to keep it interesting, and you also want to keep a natural feel to it. Get your major keywords in there, but as we mentioned, don’t overdo it. This is annoying to those that are reading it. If your posts are relevant and entertaining why ruin it? Dash the complimentary keywords in based on what that post or page is about ONLY. Remember you don’t want to use your keywords like they are going out of style either, or place words that are irrelevant to the topic. Mix in some relevant and some variations of your keywords and/or synonyms of these words. The search engines will pick up on them and your posts won’t look repetitive.

HASHTAG HEAVEN : Use those #hashtags wisely PLEASE! Take advantage of this SEO feature when posting to your social media networks. Your potential clients are using this tool to find relevant information pertaining to their needs. So wouldn’t it be nice to get your business noticed by them? A word of caution though… #hashtags are your friends but don’t let them become your enemy. Obnoxious posts that #have #everything #hashtagged under the #sun are #extremely #annoying. Just saying…

NOW LET’S SHARE : Sharing is good… FRESH blog posts, social posts and web content. This is where having a loyal following can really benefit your company. If they are sharing your content, it will appear to be more relevant to the search engines and the end result could be a higher page rank. Getting links to your content from other business’ sites and pages is also excellent for SEO. Don’t forget if it’s a give and take. If you want them to link to your pages then you should be prepared to share the love. As mentioned you should continue to post insightful, FRESH and interesting content and the links will come. When they do, your business will reap the benefits.

Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Opti...

Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimization (Photo credit: Hobo!)

GIVE AND TAKE : Give some to get some. Another under-utilized tactic to boost SEO is by guest blogging and posting. There are many sites that are willing to give you some free publicity if you are willing to help them out with some informative content. Write a informative content, write a blog post about something that is relevant to what you do, leave your link, then enjoy the traffic that your company receives. If you have the time to consistently contribute posts the SEO aspect can be huge for your company.

THIS IS THE END : Well sorta… Remember that this is just the tip of the SEO iceberg. You can probably handle most of these SEO tips yourself but it may get a bit more complicated from here on out. If your company is serious about reaching its full potential, then we would always recommend hiring a Social Media Manager and SEO Strategist to develop, incorporate, and execute an SEO plan specifically for your business.

Ádh mór a bheith in éineacht libh! — b. nolan

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