What is SEO?

a one min explanation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives value and rank to websites depending on relevant content, click through rates, back links, and authorship.

3 major components that power a search engine

  1. Crawling
    Google sends spiders (bits of computer code) to find and read information on web pages. If the spider can’t read or doesn’t understand your page, it can’t be ranked or indexed.
  2. Indexing
    The spider is not just casually browsing, it’s storing information in a giant database for future reference. It then revisits the information when beneficial for searchers and gauges how relevant your content is to the words people use when searching for an answer.
  3. Ranking
    Google uses a search software that follows a set of complex rules (algorithm) to decide what content to deliver to the searcher.

Obtaining good SEO is not all about pleasing an algorithm. You must write copy using the language of your audience to gain natural authority.

That’s right, the customer always comes first and Google won’t treat you as relevant until others do first.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome (Photo credit: thms.nl)

Create engaging valuable content that’s sharable and Google will love you.

5 things you should know about keywords

  1. Use research tools like Google Keywords to better understand what and how your audience are asking questions.
  2. Be specific with your keywords. Use phrases like “NYC personal trainer” rather than “personal trainer”
  3. Target keywords with high popularity and low competition.
  4. Choose keywords that are relevant to your ultimate goal.
  5. Provide content that the needs of your visitors like a useful blog or a detailed Q&A page.

The best way to hack SEO is to provide valuable content for your audience. Heaps of good content means more answers, click throughs, social sharing, and happy searchers. Google spiders love that.

How do you take advantage of SEO? Tell me in the comments.

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