Is Blogging Dead? Nooooo.


- By Bill Nolan

No, and far from it. Sometimes I think that companies who know how well something works start these types of rumors so that they can have all the action for themselves. On average blogging is definitely under utilized but compared head to head, it carries more clout than your FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc. Now that you are privy to that information isn’t it time to start a blog or perhaps defibrillate an inactive one?

Just keep in mind that your blog is basically the heart of your marketing. Those companies who overlook it completely or don’t utilize it properly are neglecting one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful platforms available. Yes, your other sites are very important, but their function should be to compliment your blog.

Let me give you some examples of how blogs can trump your other Social Media Sites:

Blogs Work… According to a recent survey by HubSpot, 60% of companies acquire new business as a direct result of their blog. That’s great news unless you don’t want new customers. Also, the 2013 Digital Influence Report shows that customers rank blogging third behind retail and websites as to which media influences their purchases.

Focus… In order to have a successful blog you must define who you are blogging for and why. This need for focus will help sharpen your overall marketing strategy.

Stability… Most social media sites are constantly changing (and usually not for the better) but you have control of your blog so it remains consistent and dependable.

Shelf Life… It will continue to be found in search results for months and years to come. This means your blog is giving you long term marketing. This is incredible when you think about it… Facebook posts generally disappear in a day or so, and Twitter moves like lightning.

News Feed… Many people don’t realize that they are letting a FaceBook algorithm decide who will see their updates and this algorithm is constantly changing (remember what I mentioned about stability?) With your blog you have the ability to make your posts available to everyone.

SEO… Those spiders are always crawling around, seeking out fresh content. Keeping your blog active,strategically placing keywords, and creating links to your other sites is very beneficial for SEO.

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Customers… They will be thankful that you are keeping them informed with updates on your products and services, industry news, and offering them an additional platform to interact with you.

Analytics… This powerful tool lets you know what your readers love and what they despise. You’ll gain insight on click throughs, popular topics, boring topics, shares, likes, who’s visiting and where they are from, etc.

Directories… Submitting your blog to the numerous directories online offers exposure to thousands and thousands of people worldwide that your other social media sites may be missing. This alone should motivate you to get that blog started!

Now you are aware that blogging not only isn’t dead, but it should be the heart of your Social Media marketing plan and if it is not, well, those potential customers are not just going to wait around forever… they are moving on in a new direction.

Ádh mór a bheith in éineacht libh! — b. nolan

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