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Like you, I’m a busy executive.


I spend my days dashing from meeting to meeting, putting out fires, returning phone calls. I spend my meetings reviewing designs, assessing concepts and directing my team. I spend my mornings reading the Wall Street Journal and my evenings watching the news. I’d say I’m connected. I’d say I’m successful. I’d say I’m spent!


I drive to work. On a good day it’s thirty minutes each way. On a bad day it’s an hour and thirty minutes. If I leave early enough I can get there in twenty minutes — now that’s time management.


My drive, however, is one of the most consistent things I do. I’m on autopilot from the minute I leave my house to the instant I pull into the parking space at our old mill offices. It’s like the car drives itself to work. You know those instances where you suddenly realize you’re driving and that, somehow, for the last fifteen minutes, you can’t actually remember anything that happened? You don’t know exactly where you are. What exit you just passed. Yet you’re safe, you’re driving a consistent speed and no one is honking at you. The brain is an amazing thing.


Walking in the street durning a light snow

Walking in the street durning a light snow (Photo credit: Jamie Slomski)


My drive time is sacred. Sure, I listen to NPR or the classical radio station. I listen to morning drive time talk and I hit the seek button occasionally to hear something different. But the car radio is really background noise to keep me sane. I think in the car. I talk in the car. I sing in the car. Yes, if you were to sit in the back seat of my car on the ride to or from work you would, I’m sure, think I was insane.


I brainstorm ideas in the car. I remember things I’ve forgotten. I talk to people who are no longer here like my friend Dean, my Grandmother and Grandfather and even my Mother-in-Law. They give me advice, they make me laugh and they’ve certainly made me cry. Everyone has time like this. It may be in the shower, in the garden, in the garage or on a walk. It may be at the gym or the kids’ playground. Some people think that this time is wasted, for me it’s the most productive time of the day.


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