Why writing is the best job in the world

An elevator pitch to the unconverted

Elevator Pitch: Per Schorling (Geveko ITS)
Elevator Pitch: Per Schorling (Geveko ITS) (Photo credit: Citymart.com)


Writing is the fucking best.

Seriously, if you’re underworked, overpaid, and generally satisfied with the direction your life has taken, then you’re doing it wrong.

It’s time to wake up, snort the coffee grounds, go back to sleep, get up around 3pm and eat baked cheese snacks for breakfast, achiever.

As a writer, abstract concepts such as work and happiness will no longer be a concern. You’ll be able to wallow in the fetid pool of your own neuroses as long as you like, all from the comfort of your own bed.

Burdened under the weight of your ample self-confidence? Not any more, fuck face! With writing, aggravating conditions such as confidence and esteem are a thing of the past.

Fed up with showering twice a day? Or more than once a week? More importantly — are you fed up of wearing pants? As long as the question isn’t ‘money’, writing is the answer, person.

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