An Interview With Noah Abelson Of

John  :  What is ShareRoot?
Noah  :  ShareRoot is the Buddy Media for Pinterest.  ShareRoot’s “FullCircle” suite helps brands drive and measure Pinterest engagement with a collection of self service products including Pinterest-targeted advertising, contest execution, and analytics.  While building their product, and within six months of kicking off sales, they have over 20 clients, including Sony Pictures, General Mills, and MGM.
Pinterest, with an astonishing 1047% YoY growth rate in 2012, has a unique user base and ability to drive referral traffic to a brands various properties. ShareRoot is in contact with Pinterest and we are working to define and build first-to-market traffic referral, analytics, and page management products. With ShareRoot, brands only need a single tool for all of their Pinterest needs. 
ShareRoot was co-founded in February 2013 by Noah Abelson and Marc Angelone. Noah’s past achievements include launching AdParlor‘s US sales efforts and bringing revenue from $0 to +$2.5M by 2012 Q3. Marc recently came from Millennial Media where he was a lead developer through the IPO.
John  :  Why did you come up with the idea?
Noah  :  ShareRoot was born out of client demand.  While at his previous job, Noah was asked over and over about Pinterest services and tools to help his client grow and measure their Pinterest presence.  So we set out to provide and all-in-one Pinterest solution for the world’s biggest brands.
John  :  Who inspired you to build your own company?
Noah  :  A combination of my previous boss and Mahatma Ghandi.
John  :  How did you come up with the name ‘ShareRoot’?
Noah  :  We were thinking about messaging, stories, spreading of information, and other concepts inherent to our business concept, so the word “share” seemed like a natural fit.  Next, we were trying to think of a word that paired with it, and although “route” could have also worked, we loved the word “root” because it speaks to the organic nature of message sharing.
John  :  Are you seeing a significant amount of traffic?
Noah  :  Our client base is not individual consumers, but instead large brands, so when it comes to adoption of our product, we are seeing a significant number of brands recently reaching out to us about our products and tools for Pinterest.

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