Sweaty teachers, storm-chasing and a surprise appearance from Ashton Kutcher: A recap of sessions 2 and 3 at TEDYouth

Originally posted on TED Blog:

By Thu-Huong Ha and Kate Torgovnick

The morning session of TEDYouth “The Spark” was incredible. But in many ways it was just an appetizer. In the afternoon, Sessions 2 and 3 delivered talks on topics ranging from how to make an Easy Bake Oven gender-neutral to the mathematics of Pixar animation to the familial structures of elephants. And it all ended with a surprise appearance from Ashton Kutcher, talking about his  “magnificent” failures, and what he learned from each one. Here, a recap of the two sessions.

A grand tradition at TEDYouth — seriously slammin’ spoken word performances. Here to continue it: Justin Lamb, performing his poem “Sweaty Teacher.” The basic idea, in two lines: “I’d love to be the compassionate teacher, the tough-but-fair teacher. … But it’s no use, because I am the sweaty teacher.”

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