TV Review: NBC’s ‘Dracula’ Doesn’t Suck

Originally posted on Variety:

Concocting some playful twists on the well-worn Dracula mythology, NBC’s international version of Bram Stoker’s bloodsucker transforms him into a revenge-seeking schemer — someone with a “Death Wish” in more ways than one, waging war against a shadowy group of One-Percenters known as the Order of the Dragon. It’s a reasonably clever conceit in terms of exploiting the character’s name while erecting the scaffolding to support serialized intrigue. And if the inordinately crimson-drenched doings threaten to become strained over a long haul, in the short term, anyway, “Dracula” is pretty tasty. Besides, nothing in TV lives forever, right?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an apt choice for the title role, since this Count doesn’t stray far from the thesp’s portrayal of Henry VIII in “The Tudors” — inasmuch as both are aristocratic fellows with larger-than-life, unquenchable appetites.

Set in the late 19th century, the handsome premiere opens with a slain Dracula…

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