Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Andy Bird Open Abu Dhabi Media Summit

Originally posted on Variety:

British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Disney International Chairman Andy Bird kicked off the 4th International Abu Dhabi Media Summit Tuesday with separate but intersecting takes on where digital evolution is heading.

They both said it’s moving fast, and smartphones are the next frontier.

Berners-Lee, considered the inventor of the Web, also warned about the risk of governments spying on people and about the need for it function as level playing field as a marketplace.

When you use the web, you have to know that you can use it with impunity; that nobody is looking over your shoulder,” he said speaking from New York in a live link.

And it has to be open also in the sense that if I start a new company, be it indpendant films for example, that if I put products for sale on the web, that will be an open…

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