Experts See Fuzzy Future for Ultra-HD TV

Originally posted on Variety:

Ultra-High-Definition 4K television is poised to be the next standard, the TV that will dominate the living room of the mid-21st century.

But to hear the technologists assembled for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineeers’ day-long symposium on UHD TV tell it, Ultra-TV will tread a hard and thorny path on its way to wide adoption.

Bryan Burns, a longtime tech exec at ESPN and one of the leaders of the defunct ESPN 3D, told a panel on “Who Will Make Money From the 4K Ecosystem”: “I know what it took to get ESPN to high definition and somewhat to 3D. My take is 4K will be the next 1080p. How many services are transmitted to your home in 1080p? None. That’s how it will be with 1080p. 4K will be a lot of television sets sold… but that doesn’t mean there’ll be a wholesale changeover in program services.”

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