NBC Promo Blitz To Mark 100-Day Countdown to Winter Olympics

Originally posted on Variety:

Get ready for the Peacock to start plastering promos for the Winter Olympics across your screens.

Oct. 29 brings the 100-days-to-go milespost on NBC’s road to the Feb. 6 start of the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. To mark that moment, the network will officially launch what it’s calling a 20-channel “promotional roadblock” at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific that night.

Among other things, you’ll start to see the NBC Peacock bug with Olympic rings appearing with greater and greater frequency across NBC and the other NBCUniversal networks. In addition, four Olympic spots that speak to the human spirit and narrated by “Revolution” star Giancarlo Eposito will run numerous times across multiple platforms, while other spots will spotlight NBCU’s digital streaming coverage.

NBCU will also team with its more than 230 local broadcast affiliates for targeted spots about Olympic athletes in specific regions, and shoppers and commuters will see NBC Olympic spots everywhere…

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