Web’s black market peddles drugs, guns and more

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By Doug Gross

(CNN) — Authorities say Silk Road, the shadowy “deep Web” site shut down by the FBI this week, was the Internet’s biggest destination for drugs and other illegal goods.

It had nearly 1 million registered users, the bureau says, and was used for roughly $1.3 billion in transactions over the past two or so years.

But shuttering Silk Road and arresting its owner won’t be the end of the shadowy black market on the Web, where drugs are far from the only products that can be bought illegally.

The so-called “deep Web” consists of sites only accessible using tools like Tor, which includes a browser designed to hide the user’s identity by routing their activity through a series of remote connections. Many sites use intentionally cryptic web addresses — Silk Road’s last was “silkroadfb5piz3r.onion” — that spread stealthily via word of mouth.

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