Tech Shop Menlo Park’s Indiegogo campaign is failing

Originally posted on PandoDaily:

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TechShop Menlo Park, the hardware workshop that was the birthplace of Square, among other inventions, has to move. It has until October 31st to clear out of the building it has leased since its inception. In an email to the community, TechShop founder Jim Newton said, “In spite of our best efforts, negotiations have failed to produce even a short term extension of our lease to early 2014.”

TechShop needs to raise $2.5 million to move and build newer, better facilities. Its goal was to raise this money partially through loans and partially through a $250,000 Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. Its Indiegogo site went live on September 4th, with coverage in Engadget and GigaOM.

But with 17 days left in the campaign, Tech Shop is falling woefully short of its goals and has only raised $6,250. That bare minimum doesn’t even reach what the campaign would have needed to…

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