TED Radio Hour takes a look in the crystal ball

Originally posted on TED Blog:

predicting_the_future_rTake a trip back to the future with this week’s TED Radio Hour, as six TED speakers share their prophecies for what lies ahead. From curing cancer to self-driving cars, these TEDsters offer exciting visions for the future, but not without cautionary warnings.

The episode starts with a walk down memory lane with Nicholas Negroponte, who made several spot-on predictions at the first TED Conference in 1984. Thirty years later, as he guessed, we are using touch screen computers and voice recognition software.

Next up is Nina Tandon, the biomedical engineer who is growing spare body parts. In her talk from TEDGloblal 2012, she discusses how her research on engineering new organ tissue might end our system of organ donation, and how it could even cure cancer. What if we could hyper personalize medicine, testing a treatment on an individual’s cloned organs to see how…

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