The past and future of malaria: A Q&A with Sonia Shah

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Hundreds of thousands of people die from malaria every year. So why is it still around? In today’s talk, journalist Sonia Shah takes a look at the history of malaria and outlines some of the major challenges facing the end of one of the world’s deadliest diseases. [ted_talkteaser id=1819]It’s not simply that we need to improve our science, says Shah; we also face economic, cultural and political obstacles. One fascinating barrier: that people who live in the areas where malaria is a problem view the disease as a normal, though unfortunate, part of life — much like people in the developed world view the flu. Because they see it as a fact of life, they’re unlikely to go to great lengths to prevent it. Even sleeping with a bed net seems like overkill. Shah concludes her talk with a call to action to end “the malarious way of life”…

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