Adam Spencer on why you should watch his TED Talk

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Adam Spencer isn’t just the host of the Australian radio program Triple J Breakfast Show. He also has a degree in pure mathematics and, in today’s talk, [ted_talkteaser id=1811]he ascends into “geek heaven” to explains his deep love of massive prime numbers, the largest of which was discovered earlier this year and is 17.5 million digits long.

So what is it about math? Spencer explains in the teaser video above why this topic should be of interest to anyone, even those who are allergic to numbers. “It’s about our incredible world and our ability to comprehend it,” he says.

With his TED Talk, Spencer is launching a YouTube channel dedicated to the hunt for monster prime numbers, to math and science breakthroughs in general, and to videos of generally cool stuff. Also on the channel — this Q&A with Spencer from TEDxSydney about his experience speaking at TED2013.

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