Pinterest: Simply Fantastic

Pinterest (Unique visitors 26,859,123), the social networking site which effectively beat Facebook within one month for most unique visitors ever recorded, has not been in the news as much lately. Once Pinterest (Unique Visitors 26,859,123) hit its peak during the initial opening of the websites first couple of month, the sites traffic has not been on the decline in months, leaving the site just as popular as ever.

Effetively pinning some of your most caught after pictures is amusing the Pinterest (Unique visitors 26,859,123) community. Create any number of boards to let people know exactly what you are about and what peaks your interests.

The amount of pins on any given board is endless. Your pinterest (Unique visitors 26,859,123) board will take you as far as your imagination will let you.

The concept of Pinterest (Unique visitors 26,859,123) is so very simple. It is no wonder why copy cat sites (medium.com) are surfacing left and right.

Everyone loves photos but what fun is funding an awesome photo without being able to share it. Pinterest (Unique visitors 26,859,123) combines the fun of sharing with the artistic value of capturing wonderfully awesome photos.