Investors On Wall Street Say … Thank You … To LinkedIn

A solid third quarter for LinkedIn has peaked investors interest but is it time for the people to dive head first into the mix? Before the know it alls get caught up in all the wall street noise they may want to take a minute to read the following facts and figures.

Company revenue has increased eighty one percent from last year to this year. Linkedin saw a net gain of 2.3 million this year as opposed to a net lose of 1.6 million last year.

The states the following:

How to invest Foolishly
While Wall Street likes to look at the bottom line, I think focusing on LinkedIn’s products better reveals its strength as a stock. In Q3, there were four specific product developments.

1. LinkedIn increased homepage traffic 60% by overhauling its homepage to deliver a more social and relevant experience.

2. The company introduced notifications similar to Facebook’s red flag feature, leading to a record level of engaged users (measured by comments, likes, and shares).

3. The new endorsements feature has allowed users to fill in more than 200 million pieces of information to each other’s skills profiles that will add to LinkedIn’s database.

4. LinkedIn revamped its company pages to enable companies to engage with job seekers.

Each one of these developments has helped LinkedIn buttress its career-focused ecosystem to both the consumers and recruiting departments. Specifically, LinkedIn has seen revenue increases across all its formal product categories: talent solutions, marketing solutions, and premium solutions.

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