Pinterest: Eliminating a need for Wedding Planners?

Since Pinterest is the third most popular social media site, most people have probably peeked and discovered boards and boards of recipes, shopping ideas, and of course, wedding plans. The insane amount of pictures relating to home decorations and baked goods makes sense considering the majority of users are upper-middle class women aged 25-34, but in my opinion, the amount of wedding-related pictures is out of control. Out of all of my friends who regularly pin, all but two or three have wedding “dream” boards. Out of these ladies, only one is actually planning a wedding- the rest are single!

Planning before a proposal could mean an easier time finalizing logistics, since everything has already been picked out. Should wedding planners be worried? Some statistics suggest they should be concerned, while other sources say wedding planners are actually on the rise. If the actual case is that brides are hiring less wedding planners, my guess is that the economy has more of an effect than Pinterest. If the case is that the wedding industry is starting to boom, maybe bridezillas are realizing that they absolutely need to hire a planner after scrolling through pages and pages of their completely unorganized, catastrophic wedding boards; or maybe girls all over the world want to recreate the Royal Wedding from last spring. If wedding planners are on the rise due to Pinterest, then they should start using the site to advertise!!!

How did Pinterest become the primary outlet for girls to express their wedding day fantasies? Not only is Pinterest THE visual social media tool, it’s extremely easy to use, facilitates organization, and has a pink interface. It also recently released an Android app and an improved iPhone and iPad app, so now users can pin anywhere and everywhere. The site is also no longer invite-only, so more girls can jump on the wedding wagon. However, it’s possible that the release of the Android app and especially the halt of the invite-only process will encourage more guys to join Pinterest and create differently themed boards. Will these guys be able to get past all of the cutesy cat pictures and pink flower bouquets on the front page? Even if they don’t, Pinterest visits show no sign of slowing down, as the fourth most popular networking site, LinkedIn, is quite a few visits behind…

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