Google Plus Releases ‘Studio Mode’

“Introducing Google Plus “Studio Mode” reads a post from stoney roads “This new feature to their social media platform comes as an added innovation to the already crazy cool Google Hangouts feature. To clarify, Google Hangouts allows for you and up to 10 of your buddies to have a conversation via a video conference style set up.”

TechCrunch last report concerning this new feature states “The Studio Mode announcement follows a number of other developments around music for the search giant. Last week Google made a major concession to the music industry when it announced it would start reducing the search result prominence of websites that receive copyright infringement notices. These illegal sites have long sucked traffic away from legitimate sources of songs, leading to lost revenue for the big record companies”

This is a huge improvement for Google who still looks for a way to catch up to Facebook with the number of active users on their social network.