Dunkin’ Donuts Debutes First Mobile App

“Dunkin Donuts’ first mobile app is debuting Thursday and it’s offering a way for people to pay via their iPhone or Android device” reads a post from Gigaom “It works similar to one used by Starbucks, which has had a lot of success since it launched mobile payments.”

“Dunkin Donuts is following in the footsteps of rival Starbucks” the article continues to read “with the launch of its first mobile app, allowing users to pay for coffee and donuts with their smartphone.”

An earlier post from Gigaom concerning the companies acquisition of Square read “Starbucks has seen the power of mobile payments first hand but isn’t prepared to expand its own payment efforts. But it is making a big $25 million bet on Square to be a leader in this fast growing space.”

This mobile launch is in order to compete with Dunkin Donuts largest competitor Starbucks.

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