Before the word iMac came about, Steve Jobs actually gave serious consideration to the word MacMan, yes, you read correctly, the word MacMan was on the top of Steve’s head. If you laughed when you heard the word MacMan do not worry, the whole Mac team would have laughed right on with you.

The group of people who worked with Steve to develop the iMac thought the name MacMan was a flat out horrible idea. It was when Steve saw the negative reaction from his pals at the office that he thought had the smarts to ask his group for suggestions.

Everyone became ecstatic they were able to think of a possible name for the product. At the top of their list was iMac.

However, for some reason Steve did not like the idea one bit. He said MacMan was still the companies best bet for long term product success.

The team was disappointed but had no idea how to change Steve’s mind. After telling his inner circle of the name iMac, Steve did in fact change the name to iMac.

What if Steve would have went with the word MacMan? Do you like the name? Does it roll off the tongue as well as iMac? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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