The Evolution Of The Smartphone

Why is the iPhone the most preferred mobile smart phone currently on the market? They all seem to have a relatively similar design, with high speed internet connection and they all look small enough to fit in one hand – right?

What makes the Apple iPhone that much different?

For starters, the iPhone is simple enough for a two year old to figure out. In all seriousness, it really is.

Second, the Apple iPhone single handedly ushered in a new generation of smartphone technology.

It enabled the use of a one button home screen. Remember other smartphones prior to the iPhone? They had three or four buttons on the front!

No matter how far into your iPhone you get, no matter how many pages you open – your ticket to get back to the home screen will always sit right over your thumb.

As you mindlessly scroll through emails, check your twitter account and update your Facebook page the home screen is simply one button away.

As a consumer of the mobile market, we want a smartphone to make our life easier not to frustrate us with unneeded accessories. This is why the evolution of the smartphone is so important.

Lucky for us, Steve Jobs was a perfectionist. He decided two buttons was good but one button would be perfect.

Now with the addition of Siri voice activation we may even be looking at a smartphone with zero buttons. Wouldn’t that be something special?

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