Simplicity Meets An Utter Complex Person – The Story Of Steve Jobs

The complete accomplishments, life long aspirations and goals of Steve Jobs can not be summed up in this post nor is this in anyway an attempt to grasp even the smallest remnants of the inner workings of Steve’s psyche. A pioneer, a perfectionist, a master innovator are just a few of the names Steve went by,

While on the board of directors at Apple, Jobs decided to leave the company in 1985 and instead embark on a new journey. Steve quickly turned toward his creation of a computer staging developmental growth organization.

The department was called NeXT. Ten years later, Apple took a huge hit and it was up to Steve to save the company.

Failing to muster up a new operating system and being ninety days away from bankruptcy, things did not look good for Apple. Jobs made the decision to return to Apple as interim CEO.

It took Steve just two years to do away with ten years of insufficient thinking and sheer strategic incompetence. With a few well planned investments and a bit of faith, Apple was back on track.

In 2011, Apple was named the most valuable public traded company in the world.

In 1982, the computer was named the machine of the year by Time Magazine.

The list of Apple’s accomplishments goes on and on. Do you care to add a few? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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