The Self-Made Man

Why is our culture constantly fixated around who the hero is in every story? When a conversation about Apple Inc. comes about, surely the name Steve Jobs will come up, but what about Wozniak? Kottke? or Wayne? Our society seems to leave out the minor details which Steve Jobs attributes some of his greatest success to.

In todays generation, you will see the word ‘me‘ thrown into context more than it probably should. Simply because a story about one person conquering the world makes for a better story.

The same way plain old ‘Batman’ sounds better than ‘Batman & Robin.’


No one wants to hear about the small things Robin does to save Batman’s behind on a regular basis. No, what people want to heat about is the way Batman saves the villainous world we live in from utter self destruction.

As American’s we expect a certain amount of individualism in every story. However, the true reality of every successful entreprenur is the fact he/she has a long list of allies in the past which have help to pick them up every time a page in the story gets crumpled up.

Reid Hoffman, Cofounder and Chairman of LinkedIn, has an interesting take on the matter. He believes the success or your career depends on both your personal skills and the network which surrounds you.

I to the power of We is what Reid likes to call it.

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